dear self.

May 28, 2010 | Life in Progress

dear self
last fall, while at the be present retreat, andrea had us all write a letter to our future selves. she then collected them all with the promise that she’d mail them back to us many months later. andrea always has these good ideas, by the way. she’s a magic maker.
anyway, my letter to myself arrived on my doorstep the very day (the very day!) i launched Flying Lessons registration – the day my heart was a collection of feelings from putting this specific dream out in the world to be received (panic, relief, joy, exhaustion, etc).
when i read this letter i had written to myself months before, a giant smile came upon my face and i called andrea right away. why was i so excited? because i wrote this letter to myself as an exercise in manifesting dreams, as a way to put out into the universe my intentions for what i wanted my life to look like. i wrote it well before i was pregnant, before we decided to move back to portland, before we found a house, before i even decided to concretely offer an ecourse…’s magic, i tell you. here’s part of my letter…
dear self, you are bravely pathing a new path for yourself…you’re pushing up your creative boundaries and creating work that still speaks to your soul. you live in portland and you are dreaming toward the home you’ve always imagined with john. more than ever, you feel loved and you understand how true love counts for all things. your licensing gigs feel right. financial abundance continues. and intimacy continues to find its way into your everyday life. you are starting a family (or close to it). you are writing more and your online workshop (the one you’ve been so hesitant to launch) is a giant success. you are finally starting to see how special you really are. love, yourself, kelly rae
so there you have it. the move, the new house, the e-course, the pregnancy – all of it were dreams i released out into the universe with a very specific intention and writing exercise. i’m amazed at how the world works – how we know, deep inside, exactly what we want our lives to look like. we have to visualize it, give ourselves permission to ask for it, and align our lives and decision making with those visions/intentions. it’s not easy and i know we can’t just write ourselves a letter and have it all six months later. but undeniably there is magic and power in the practice, in the process, in the allowances that we give ourselves to dream. and to dream big.
quick note: ecourse starts sunday. if you registered prior to today and have not received your login info, please get in touch with me! see you in class on sunday! totally excited…

Sending much love,

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