Feb 4, 2013 | Life in Progress

You know that moment where you can feel your heart do a little jig, a little heart happy dance, a little lift? I call that delight of the best kind. Here are a few things that have caught my delight lately….

“Whatever you do in life, remember to think higher and feel deeper.”

I watched an Oprah interview with Elie Wiesel recently and he said the above sentence toward the end. Stopped me in my tracks. Love, love, love.


I’ve been up to my eyeballs in art deadlines. Recently, over on Facebook I was complaining about how “deadlines” is such an ugly word for something that is soul-filling. Lu suggested I start calling them alivelines. Perfect!

Loved watching friend Brene on the Today Show. Did you guys see that? It’s 4:22 minutes long and worth every bit. It’s sort of fun/bizarre/awesome having a famous friend, but mostly I just love that more and more people are learning from her, and her books.

I am so inspired by this sweet woman, her community, and all the ways she is showing such courage and grace through the battle of her life. I was delighted to be a part of a super covert mission to surprise her with a signed couch – all organized by her friends. She tells the whole story here and here.

Found in ATL while driving to delicious restaurant Sun In My Belly.
(A delightful surprise, found under an overpass in Atlanta recently)

It’s amazing what just one person can ignite. I am so proud of her!

His voice makes me swoon. But when the kid chorus chimes in? Soul soaring.

Super inspiring

Girl + art crush. 

Etsy love: Adorable.  Well curated

This class, called INTERWOVEN, starts today and I highly recommend it. Katrina is an old friend of mine and I love everything she does. Her co-teacher is Lisa Solomon whose work I’ve long admired as well. A class all about crochet, soft sculpture, embroidery, and mini quilting? Sign me up! Katrina forwarded along a 10% discount code for you guys – how sweet! The code is ‘JOINUS’ – thanks Katrina! Although class starts today (Monday), looks like you can start anytime this week and still be able to catch up. 

(This little guy was so perfectly perched, so satisfied in his delight, that it made me delight, too.)
What’s been catching your delight, lately? Any moments, links, or stories?  I’d love to know πŸ™‚

Sending much love,

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  1. Joyelle Brandt

    I went to hear Danielle LaPorte and Gabby Bernstein speak last week. Two great quotes have stayed with me. From Gabby: Just BE the light house. This is not just about you being happy, this is about you showing up for the world. And from Danielle: Your desire is your prayer. These quotes have been running through my head for days.

  2. Jane

    I love to see some of your favorite things. You inspire so many, and great to see what inspires you. I especially liked to see Just Jack. My mother died of pancreatic cancer two years ago and I only wish he had been born 5 years ago so his test would have been available for her. We only had her 5 months after she got the dreaded news. Thank you, Kelly Rae, for your spirit, for you creative heart and for sharing yourself so freely with us. Have a great night!!
    Love, Jane

  3. Galia Alena

    Oh, I just love that quote- its perfectly in alignment to my current mantra "Go Deep, stay light".


  4. Jennifer Valentine

    a famous friend? How about a famous sister!?
    I delight in YOU….along with thousands of others… I love hearing your stories…hearing your laughter…getting your texts.
    But then again, I'm afraid of what to say. What not to. Perhaps I should not even be saying this!
    I get to be your sister. and for that, for knowing you; I am so grateful. Honored beyond words. And so glad my mind is filled with sweet memories of you and I.


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