dimming = mediocrity

Sep 28, 2012 | Life in Progress

I believe this with my whole heart
I believe this with my whole heart, but I’ve been especially thinking about this when it comes to being a parent. I wonder about the ways in which we invite mediocrity not just into our own lives when we dim our lights, but also into the lives of our kids. They need our example of shining brightly so that the nuances of mediocrity aren’t in their everyday examples, in their homes, in their upbringing.
One of my greatest wishes is to create a home in which our son True sees our light and in turn has full permission and expression to burn his own. I want that kind of brightness in our home. I want that kind of aliveness. I want that kind of energy.
gift to this world
(matted and signed prints of this one available here)

And speaking of True, he’s almost two, has started pretend play, can’t get enough back rubs, and is the sweetest spirit I know. He makes be want to be better. Major inspiration.
Hello world! Almost two! I can hardly believe how cool it is to be here.


Here’s to shining brightly, friends!

Sending much love,

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  1. Anonymous

    I randomly found and bought your book while in a local art store a few months ago. It was just what I needed. I have since seen your work in various places which I have taken as a sign. Yesterday while searching on google the words "collaborative" and "painting" I was brought to your website. I feel that your work and story has come into my life for a reason. You are a major inspiration!!! Thank you!

  2. Jennifer Valentine

    you have always shone brightly…always.
    Thank you for inspiring me to shine my own light.

  3. Melissa Dalrymple

    Hi Kelly,

    I just bought your book tonight, Taking Flight, it was the last one on the shelf at Barnes, I was meant to have this book. Your first chapter I am on, Unearthing Buried Dreams, it hit me in the core of my heart-literally-I have that unexplained feeling. My whisper is telling me to research artists and paint. You are my inspiration Kelly Rae Roberts. Your artwork is so healing and speaks to me in so many ways. Thank you for shining your light πŸ™‚


    Melissa Dalrymple

  4. Anonymous

    so true (no pun intended).

    how sweet is your son, your life!

    also, please, a question: where did you get the art/sign by the candle? thank you.

    hope you have a fun weekend.



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