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Feb 1, 2010 | Life in Progress

we are moving back to portland. i haven’t mentioned it here yet, but it’s been hugely in the forefront of my life for many many weeks. we bid on a house and we lost the bid a few weeks ago (so sad!) and we’ve been on the search for another home ever since. it’s quite the process and involves a lot of driving to and from portland. and of course, dreaming dreaming dreaming.

we love seattle and i’m so glad to have moved here a year ago but neither of us can seem to get portland out of our bones and so, we’ve given in. finally, we are returning home to the city that stole our hearts years ago, to the city where our dreams were realized, where our love was realized, where so many of our memories live, and where we want to grow old. please send us lots of good house hunting juju. we are looking for an old historic home (+ studio) with lots of character and built-ins and charm and open spaces. we. are. so. excited.
so, in between crazy januaries, and lots of traveling to/from portland, and working on upcoming projects, and shop updates, and moving plans (packing is about to begin, friends), my brain is on overload. as with any big life changes (and man, have we had quite a few in the last few years), it’s an exciting time with open road possibilities but it’s also a lot of stress management while we transform whispers of dreams into real life living. it’s amazing to me that we can simply wake up one day and decide upon a dream and then before you know it, you’re taking steps toward that dream. and before you know it, you are living that dream. i seriously love this part of living.
(speaking of dreams, this new favorite painting is titled “dreamer” – matted prints available here)
i know many of you are waiting for one of my ecourses to begin. me too! i’ve got the e-courses site beautifully designed and ready to go. content has been written and edited and refined and edited again. i’m insanely excited – it’s been a ton of hard work. BUT with travel coming up later this month, and a somewhat last minute move now scheduled for march, the ecourses are on hold. i need to be sure that i’ve got a good amt of time scheduled each day of the courses to dedicate to you, so please hang tight. i’m hoping to launch in april.
in the meantime, i wanted to suggest some other artist friends who are offering online courses in hopes that you might find something you’d like.
1. alisa burke – lots of color and experimentation offered in her online classes!
2. traci bautista – it’s creativity unleashed with lots of classes to choose from.
3. mary ann moss – lots of fun unconventional stencil classes
4. misty mawn – she’s offering a portrait class at the moment. look for more classes coming soon.
i’m sure there are many many more painting ecourses out there – these are just a handful that i know about. thanks so much for your patience + understanding. ecourses are definitely coming….just need for things to settle in a bit so i can be 100% present for them 🙂

Sending much love,

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