Election Day, some thoughts

Nov 3, 2020 | Life in Progress

I’m writing this on the morning of Election Day. Tensions are high. Hearts are heavy. Some are hopeful. So much is at stake.

My friends and I have been in deep conversation about the importance of taking especially deep care of ourselves, no matter the outcome.

How can we root down, ground out, and hold space for essential deep down care of ourselves – energetically/spiritually/physically – so that we can continue to do our work in the world, and FOR the world, from a place of love and hope?

I’ve been wresting with how to find my center inside all of it, but on my best days, I’m off screens, especially any sort of news feed. I’m getting outside for walks, reading a good book next to my kid while he reads, taking long soaking baths, going to bed early, connecting with my friends, feeling the feels, lowering my expectations of myself and others. I’m scheduling bodywork sessions, and today I’ve even scheduled a call with a beloved channeler/intuitive. Guidance from beyond is always soothing my soul.

How do you take deep care of yourself during massive shifts?

What we do in the world matters, especially now.  Whether it’s parenting, CEO-ing, making art, protesting, tending to gardens, and more. If you’re struggling with how to nourish your spirit and create endurance for the long haul,  start from your center. Tend to that place deep within where all your life force begins. What does it need? What is it longing for? What does it crave? And go from there.

I’m right there with you, doing this work, asking the questions. 


Sending you wishes for deep down loving self-care, and the knowing that all the ways you show up for yourself and for your people is seen, held, known, and treasured.

Big love,
Kelly Rae

PS: If you’re feeling like you wanna art date with me, a new one just went out and you are always welcome to join us!

Big love, Kelly Rae

Sending much love,

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    I just bought a beautiful Leanin Tree birthday card for a friend that you created, and your artist bio statement on the back made me want to look you up. I love the term – Possibilitarian. How fabulous! That’s something we can all strive to be. Thanks for sharing your art!

  2. Jackie Frazier

    I just discovered you! I fell in LOVE!!! I found one of your prints at a Spring Craft/Vendor Fair and purchased it to decorate a wall in the AirBnB I recently opened. I have always loved “quirky” bright, unique art and have tried my hand at several styles of art but just dont feel like I have what it takes.


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