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Mar 23, 2010 | Life in Progress

(photo by the lovely and talented vivienne)

my life looks drastically different than it did eight weeks ago. the deeper i lean into the quiet and the abandoned to-do list, the better i feel. there is a calmness that has stepped into my life. and people are noticing. you seem so grounded. so peaceful. i am.

i just feel new. in all this nurturing and not doing, i’ve realized how much i’ve missed the world. the laziness of weekends. the feeling of wide open days with nothing on the calendar. the simple space of being, not doing. this pregnancy has kicked my ass in so many ways but this surrendering is turning out to be a gentle, giant gift.
i spent the last couple of days in a cabin in the woods with a bunch of dear souled women. we were there to bless liz’s journey into motherhood, to celebrate with her, to tell pregnancy and birthing stories, to laugh, laugh, laugh. it was the first time i’ve been gathered with friends since my life has changed so much, since i’ve embraced and surrendered. it was so good to sit and chat, and to take naps, and walk a labyrinth, and smell the northwestern woody air, and to soak in the sunshine, and to eat meals with new friends, and to just witness the world with my new vision of calm and without worrying about any work that was waiting for me back home. it was so good. and so special.
anne + liz
anne + liz
liz was my first friend along the creative path. we met at artfest in 2006 and we’ve traveled side by side since then into our creative journeys. they were journeys that changed us and it’s always been so meaningful to have a friend who was there from the beginning of that journey, who watched you unfold, who witnessed the transformation. i can’t tell you how special it is to be entering this new adventure of motherhood with her, too. it’s another chance to walk side by side into another journey that will inevitably give us each an opportunity to yet again unfold and transform.
so yes, it’s been a heartwarming few days over here. more soon!

Sending much love,

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