glory bound

Mar 19, 2006 | Life in Progress

“I’m taking a chance on the wind. I am packing up all my bags, making a mistake I’ve got to make and I’m glory bound.” – Martin Sexton

I love this quote. Reminds me of the time I moved to Atlanta with my college boyfriend over 10yrs ago. It was the mistake I needed to make. And boy did I learn so much on that adventure. I’m convinced that every relationship, boyfriends/friendships/family, every moment, good and bad, lead me to Love. I have it now, and I’m never lettin go.

big dreams of mine lately:

go back to Italy. I could live there. The pasta. The fun. The wine. The people. It’s my kind of place.

travel abroad for volunteer work. We’ve looked into this several times and the timing is never right. We’ll make it happen eventually.

go and travel this summer for 2 whole months before moving to San Francisco. We’re working on that one, too.

to actually possibly embrace the idea of selling my art. That still needs to sink in with me for a bit, snuggle into my heart and soul. It’s still quite intimidating to me. I have all sorts of internal questions that are all tangled up. I’d like to sort them out.

to have my mom living in the same city as me.

to see baby Ian as soon as possible.

Sending much love,

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  1. Mardougrrl

    Your work is gorgeous! Sell it, sell it.

    Thanks so much for the idea of the “mistake I needed to make”–we’re about to move ourselves, and I’m so nervous about it. I needed to read that.

    And thanks for stopping by my blog, and adding another visual feast for my visiting pleasure. 🙂

  2. The Tart

    Wow… my first time to your blog… beautiful things here! Great pics too!

    The Tart

  3. Alexandra S

    Hi Kelly,
    I was trying to send you an email but for some reason it wasn’t working! I wanted to ask if you know of anyone who might be looking for a place to rent! I will give them the whole bottom floor of the house- private bath, bedroom, + bonus room and nice hallway space to hang art AND a huge garage studio someone can use as a workspace/art studio. Willing to give a very good $ deal to the right person and thought you might know of someone (I’m close-in NE in an old cute 1926 home!) If you know of anyone, do let me know! (Sorry to leave this here but the email thing just wasn’t working!)

  4. M

    This is my first time visiting your blog…your work is brilliant! Love the faces. You should definitely find a way to sell it, when you’re ready. Love that you are a travel junkie as well. I was too, till I recently settled down in Vancouver, BC. I need a break from backpacks and airplanes and hostels, but I still dream of places far away and things I want to see!! And Italy is definitely a place I’d love to live. Luckily my fiance is English, so maybe I’ll get the European passport one day and we’ll do it. Check out the books by Isabella Dusi, takes my breath away and I can escape to Montalcino with every page. I’ll be back!

  5. liz elayne

    That quote is fantastic.
    So glad you stopped by my blog so I could come here to see this beautiful girl today. I love her wings…
    these big dreams – they sound like dreams you can make real. i love this image of letting the idea of selling your art snuggle into your heart and soul. hmmm…sometimes we have to do that don’t we? sit in the quiet and sort it all out.

  6. AscenderRisesAbove

    I like how your images have taken wing lately; ready to fly the nest as you mention here.

  7. ValGalArt

    i caught up on all your posts and you are doing such beautiful work and all the pictures of you and your friends are darling! All of your dreams sound real to me!

  8. andrea

    I love the dark color of her wings and the green in the bird. Really beautiful piece!
    P.S…red mary janes! You crack me up.

  9. Sarah e.Smith

    Wonderful piece! great quote too…i LOVE Martin Sexton 🙂

  10. thesoulofhope

    I agree with you, that every relationship, moment, good and bad lead to love… it just took me ages to figure that out… I have it now too (love) and I’m never letting it go either!

    I love your art, beautiful!!

  11. Alexa  Brett

    Your artwork just gets better and better! I love it!
    I hope that your plans come true…Living abroad is always such an incredible, mind growing, wonderful experience!


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