I’m a big believer in recapping our years – to look back, to relearn, to rediscover, to celebrate, to grieve, to realize just how far we’ve come. I’ve been recapping my blog posts by years for the last 10 years. For those of you who may be interested, here are my yearly recaps:


*Was super delighted and honored to be the cover girl for MOYO Issue 7!
*Released my latest portrait series – a little bit of soul reflection for the close of 2014.
*Updated one of the projects closest to my heart (kind of literally).
*Announced BIG, scary, and exciting new leap in my business!
*Had one of the BEST weeks of my 39.5 years on Earth. Really and truly.
*Shared my experience with burnout (turns out, I’m not alone!).
*Spoke to imperfections and gratitude gratitude gratitude.
*Did something I’ve NEVER done before and retired several prints from my shop!
*Let art out and let love in with my ecourse!
*For the first time ever, began offering individual postcards in the shop.

* Experienced growing pains in my business. All good, but certainly rough at times. Grateful for all of it
* Announced my first ever public job posting. Found the perfect fit!
* Had a conversation with True that changed everything.
* Hosted my first ever flash sale. Was gobsmacked by the response!
* Launched registration for the second session of Hello Soul, Hello Mixed Media Mantras. Super exciting.
* Shared some thoughts about being in a construction zone season of life.
* Turned 39 years young and fell back in love with Rumi.
* I experienced a major awakening that was completely joy-filled.
* I moved my work studio (again).
* Our new home; slowly but surely coming along.
* Decal Girl added several of my new prints to the line up for all things computer, phone and device skins.
* Hosted our annual sale on Flying Lessons, The Whole Shabang for an entire week! I could​ almost feel the dreams coming true. Makes​ my heart so happy.
* ​Holy smokes, we moved into a new home. Dream come true, but I totally forgot how hard transitions are (even ones we deeply want and ask for), but also deeply trusting the journey.
* Honored to have our​ fourth column published in the spring 2014 publication of Where Women Create BUSINESS. I so dig this magazine.
* After launching my first ever painting eCourse,​ I shared thoughts on the creative process. ​Crazy, hard, but so so good. ​
* A new art series was born, inspired by my sweet son, True.
* Honored to be featured in Amy Butler’s gorgeous online magazine.
* Completed my annual review of 2013, and welcomed 2014 with a new word (TRUST). Get the full scoop here and here and here.
* I launched my first ever (and highly anticipated!) painting e-course. Poured my heart into and the response? Well, it’s been perhaps the highlight of my career.
* Many new products debuted at the Atlanta Market, including my brand new Garden Line, more exciting gift, jewelry, and holiday products.
* Honored to have our third column published in the winter 2013 publication of Where Women Create BUSINESS as well as a gorgeous 10 page featured spread in Cafe Press.
* Placed an offer on a new house and we got it!

Hi, I'm Kelly Rae Roberts!

Before I picked up my first paintbrush at the age of 30, I was a medical social worker. I followed my whispers and started playing with paint and everything changed. Now I’m a full-time artist, author and Possibilitarian, who helps women explore their creativity, nourish their souls and build a thriving creative business.

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