goodbye oakland

Nov 21, 2008 | Life in Progress


dear oakland,
we are leaving your sunny skies this weekend. for good. as we prepare for the move back to the northwest, i’m feeling reflective about you. about all the growing pains we shared here. about all the abundance that came thru on the other side of those pains. about all the hard but true lessons you provided. although your city seemed harsh and unpretty at times (both in spirit and actuality), you gifted me with creative bloom, creative identity, and creative possibility. this has been huge, life changing, and i will never, ever forget it. thank you.


(katrina, kelly marie, and me)

you also gifted me with incredible and solid friends like kelly marie, katrina, mati rose, and andrea. these ladies were my refuge when i thought i would collapse. when i didn’t cope so well at first to your city. and again when i began to find my footing. and again when i started to celebrate. they were my shared laughter, tears, conversation, and understanding. each one with their gifts. each one with their brilliance. each with a capacity to hold all of me, and me them. i will miss them dearly. please take good care of them, and send them off from time to time for a visit to seattle, ok?

photo session with denise at

(mati, me – photo by boho)

katrina says that our years in portland were all about creating a foundation and home within ourselves, our relationship, our hearts. and that oakland has been about creating a foundation of work and creative flow. she says that seattle will be our time to integrate both. that now is the season to find the happy medium, a place where we can fuse home, work, creativity, and play. i think she’s right. smart lady, that katrina.

thank you, oakalnd. for all of it. it all matters.
big love,
kelly rae

Sending much love,

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  1. A Bit of Serendipity

    Just found your blog! I really enjoy seeing the progress you have made through the years. Keep creating…. btw where did you get the sweater? it is darling….

  2. Katrina

    dearest kelly rae!

    what a surprise to find this post here today. i’m teary-eyed and so full of love and good wishes for you and john and your new seattle adventures. i can’t wait to see how you grow (again) and what the next move will present for you. you will be SO missed but i know you’re headed home, so i’ll come there to visit.


  3. Bijous Whimsy's Blog

    Good Luck on your move and new journey…how exciting to be moving to such a beautiful place as Seattle and how anxious you must be to see your new abode. Can’t wait to see and hear tidbits from your new adventure. I don’t know you at all but I have the sure feeling that you’ll be just fine:D Cheers and Happiness, Mandy Saile of Bijou’s Whimsy

  4. ama

    So excited for your new adventures in Seattle, sweet Kelly! You and John are going to be so happy. So glad you’ll be seeing more of him again, right? Love you and am so proud of you it brings tears to my eyes. Why you always gotta make me cry? Can’t wait to come visit! Love, Ama

  5. Julie H

    oh and I am so glad you are leaving Oakland, despite the wonderful friends it never seemed to fit you…I am sure you will have many happy visits.
    Best wishes for the move

  6. ~Valentina~

    Good Luck and the best wishes in your new journey!

  7. Jill Nalette

    Beautiful..just beautiful kelly rae. Enjoy the next part in your journey in life.
    xoxo and smiles

  8. Lucy

    Beautiful photos of you and your ‘sisters’–I like the sentiment your one friend had about this next move, the integration of both worlds makes a lot of sense and I’m sure it will be that and so much more. Good luck and many blessings to you in this next phase of your journey!

  9. Gypsy Alex

    Oy, Kelly! I’m going to miss having you near by. I’m so grateful that you were here for a little while and that I got to meet you during that time. To many new adventures! I look fwd to visiting you up North 🙂

  10. april

    Hi Kelly-
    I can’t believe I am just now finding your blog! We should have been friends months ago!

  11. Meri Arnett-Kremian

    Seattle will be a wonderful, nourishing place for you to integrate things. And with webcams and flat rate long distance, you can maintain friendships between visits and keep your spirits bouyed while you’re finding kindred spirits to convert to friends.

    And you’ll be close enough that I can find you and get you to autograph the two copies of your new book that I ordered from Amazon.

  12. Heather

    Best of luck with your move! I cant wait to see the creative space you come up with in your new home. Sounds like the beginning of something very wonderful!~

  13. Bikky

    Many blessings as you start your travels and begin your new journey. May you have a safe trip and may great things await you when you arrive “home”!

  14. katy

    Hey kelly,
    have fun with your new move. It feels good to be able to plant new roots, I always think of it as a gift. katy(from italy)

  15. katie

    hello seattle!!

    cannot wait for one of your workshops…

  16. Anonymous

    Good Luck and a safe journey to your new home…. Seattle . My cousin’s son has recently moved to Seattle , after marrying his gilfriend Sara , he moved all the way fromhere in England ,that was back in April this year ,he loves it there .I am sure you will find great joy , peace and happiness .
    Love Lorraine xx

  17. Steph

    I’ve experienced the pain of leaving deep, true friends behind – only to find that those friendships blossom even more in new ways across the miles. In fact, in 30 min, I will be hosting a “virtual tea party” with two of my closest western skies friends!

    Best wishes for a safe and joyful move.


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