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Oct 23, 2012 | Life in Progress

A few of the heart rocks found while on Maui

Obsessing: Parenthood, the TV show. I started with season 1 a couple weeks ago (via netflix) and am currently in the middle of season 2. LOVE this show. Wouldn’t have likely loved it pre-parenthood, but love it now. The nuances, the still moments of reflection, the chaos – all good, all lovely. And the Bob Dylan theme song? Best song ever. Ever. Ever. There are these lyrics in the song that are exactly why we name True “True.” They go like this:
May you grow up to be true
May you always know the truth
And see the lights surrounding you
May you always be courageous
Stand upright and be strong
May you stay forever young

If you don’t know this song, stop what you are doing and listen. Seriously. 

Loved coming home from vacation to this in my mailbox. @brenebrown and her new book rock.
Reading: Daring Greatly by Brene. She’s written another meaningful, important book. It’s already a bestseller, and for good reason. Because she’s my friend, I want to brag, and brag some more. But I’ll just say this: this book is a life changer. John and I are reading it together. We’re talking about what it means to be dare greatly in our everyday lives (hello parenting, hello marriage!), what it means (really) to show up and be seen, to share our hearts and our vulnerability (and how this is strength), and how we can bring all of this to our parenting, our relationship, our careers. The book reads as if Brene is talking to you. And if you’ve ever heard her talk, then you know this is GOOD. Really, really GOOD. Highly recommended

Lovely visit with @close2myart who has the coolest stairs ever!

Loving: These stairs that belong to Michelle Allen. I went for a studio visit at her home (it’s lovely) and fell in love with these stairs. So true, no? Dreams really don’t work unless you do 🙂
Pinteresting: I’ve joined the Pinterest craze and holy smokes, am I loving it. I’m collecting major inspiration over there for all things house, DIY projects, art, and yep, even a whole folder dedicated to cool and artful stairs. Come on over and join me. I’d love to see you over there! 
Superhero-ing: Loving my dear friend Andrea’s new superhero life website. She’s been working on it a long, long time and let me just say. It’s perfection. I called her the minute I saw it and screamed in her ear about how big, big this is. Inspired. You have to go and see. 


Amazed: Have you guys seen this new iPhone camera lens that snaps on your iPhones? Just got mine. Loving the macro, the wide lens, and the super fun fisheye – all in one lens. Amazing!

Getting in: Speaking of cameras, this article made me tear up. It’s all just so, so true (for you mamas).

Best Jeans Ever: I’m thanking my lucky starts that I discovered the Not Your Daughters Jeans. In the weeks since discovering them, I’ve bought three pairs and have not missed my old jeans one bit. These are the ones, friends. They hide the muffin top and make the bootie look good. Finally, a stylish (and cozy) jean I can wear since becoming a mom and holding onto some extra weight. I bought the skinny (cute with boots over the jeans), these straight leg ones, and these boot cut. I’m all set and in love. 

Wandering: I think this DIY project is brilliant and I think this is super sweet (and it works).

Sending bright lights to each of you and hoping you find a bit of inspiration in your day. Hello, Inspiration!

ps: We’re about halfway through our stock of the signed 2013 calendars (and we just listed them!). Reserve yours now before they’re gone! (psst: they make awesome Christmas/New Years gifts 🙂 

Sending much love,

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  1. Alicia

    I'm not a mom, but I read the article encouraging Mom's to get in the picture. Having gained some weight, I could relate to some of what she was saying. As I continued to read tears came to my eyes and i had to forward the link to my mom. Thanks so much for sharing this!

  2. Suzan

    Hi Jan – Guess what? I got my NYM jeans on consignment. Not $8 BUT my size, my length. 2 Pairs. One black, $18 – One dark blue, $10 Keep your eyes peeled at those thrift stores. Watch for the label – and grab them if you see them. 🙂

  3. Jan

    I'm a fan of Parenthood even tho I am not a parent. But really, $100 for a pair of jeans??? I guess I am totally out of it (lucky for me) since I started years ago buying my jeans at thrift stores and garage sales. I wouldn't spend more than $8 for jeans. Yeah my work jeans (farm work) are ill fitting but I save the nice fitting ones for town. Oh, sorry, I'll get off my soap box now.
    I recently bought one of your bracelets and totally love it! thanks for making such beautiful art!

  4. Suzan

    Watched my first Parenthood episode on On Demand last week. I had to share it w/ my husband. I cried both times. Blew me away. I became a fan – just like that. Love those jeans- great for the MT – about 1/2 way through Daring Greatly – and that MDP site – went there and it took me 30 minutes to get back and say, "Thank you!" Loved the books – also loved the Book to Shelf project and well, quite a few other things. 🙂 Oh, and Andrea Scher's site looks awesome. Thank you so much for this post.

  5. Susannah

    Thanks for sharing the link to The Mom Stays in the Picture – very powerful, and just the reminder I needed.

  6. Childrens Day Out

    Speaking of inspiring Art Studios…I'm still dreaming of a Tour of your studio. I still drool over your very thorough home tour pics but would LOVE a tour of the place where all the CREATIVITY happens. Please, oh, Please!

  7. Anna

    Been a Parenthood fan since day one. Thank you for the tip on Jeans. Right now I am having serious weight issues, read muffin top, and dread getting dressed to leave the house. Thankfully the bloodwork determined what the problem is and I am n the road to recovery, it's a slow road but with the right jeans, well I think I can do just about anything! Great post.

  8. Stephanie Precourt

    I love Parenthood! I will have to say that one of the seasons got a little rocky for me and I got out of it a bit but this current season? BLOWING me away. Such good and relevant stuff. I see so many examples of how I want to parent in this show. Love it and the writing.

    And now I am going to click to find more about those jeans!!!


  9. Lindsey

    Forever Young is one of my favorite songs ever, ever, ever. xoxo


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