Taking Flight takes flight

Aug 28, 2008 | Entrepreneurship, Life in Progress

i had no idea this would happen, but adrenaline totally snuck up on me. it had me up until 3am signing + packaging all of the books. and it had me up again at 6am loading the books into our green subaru wagon so we could be first in line at the post office when it opened at 7am. it carried me through hours while i stood at the window of a sweet chinese woman named mary who patiently processed + stamped each package, custom forms and all. she didn’t even know me, but she was proud and completely surprised me with her cheerfulness (i was expecting grumpy postal workers – see how i do it? how i prepare for the worst?). as time passed on and i ate my donut and she drank her tea, she announced with a wide smile: “for you, i grant 3 days off for all of this hard work!” and i left there exhausted but thrilled. and with heavy, heavy tears that lasted precisely three minutes.

i went about my day in a haze, but with the feeling that it’s finally + actually happening. today seemed to be the day as even amazon changed it’s listing from a red lettered not yet in stock to a green lettered in stock (and even more surprisingly, had it ranked #1 in creative reference!). i suppose taking flight has indeed taken flight and i’m here…no longer armored up, but rather hoping and ready for the goodness to spread its wings even with the knowing that not every single soul will love it. no matter what, i am proud. so thankful. and feeling really blessed and lucky. i know i’ve said it a million times, but thank you to everyone at northlight books, the contributors to the book, my family, my friends, and to all of you who have traveled this space with me the last year or so. it’s been a beautiful life-filled ride. thank you, too, for listening to me as i know it must seem like i’ve been going on and on and on about it…it totally get that 🙂

i have no idea how i am still up. it’s 12:12am. off to sleep i go…

Sending much love,

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