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Oct 25, 2009 | Life in Progress

lately, in no particular order:
* i’ve been having to write it all down. or i forget it all.
* i’ve had a lot of time to myself, alone. sort of feels like i’ve been on vacation all by myself. a bit freeing, with a bit of lonliness mixed in, while feeling adventurous all at once.
* i’ve been loving fall. the colors change the whole city for me. love, love, love.
* had a sneak peek of new product coming in january. i want to do happy dances and show + tell you all about it. but i can’t. i have to wait. but oh man, i seriously cannot wait to show you. i hope you love these formats as much as i do.
* been working with anne (from demdaco) on new product ideas for summer 2010 and even brainstorming for ideas for 2011. i love this part of my day when i’m researching, dreaming, scheming, wondering about what could be..
* been trying to catch up with my family and friends. life has felt so full lately with back to back events that it’s been hard to stay afloat and reach out. i hate that feeling.
* wondering when LOST will come back on tv?
* working hard on the e-courses i’ll be offering early next year. nearly one year ago, i told you i was thinking about it. and i asked for your input, remember? it’s hard to believe it’s taken me this long to commit, but i’ve fully committed, things are in motion, and now i can’t wait for registration to begin. i’ll keep you updated.
(liz elayne, and me – photo by the lovely + talented vivienne)
* spent a day with liz elayne. we talked, ate, and painted. and she helped me solve a problem i’ve been trying to solve for weeks (thanks, liz!).
* realizing just how much of a shut – in i am. i really should get out more often and leave the house at least once a day. but it’s so cozy in here….
* got tearful today when a friend told me about getting engaged. love really is the only thing that matters.
* been wondering about portland. still miss it.
* feeling less and less guilt about things i used to feel guilty about
* took over the dining room with my art supplies. thinking it’s where it should all stay. i just really love creating in the middle of the house (between the kitchen and the living room). it’s messy but it’s also so inviting to sit down and paint. so, i’ve been painting more and more. and that makes me happy.
* feeling like i need to take some time and tend to a few relationships, as well as tend a bit to myself. lots of nurturing and tending to over here.
* wish i could figure out how to make just one cup of tea out of fresh ginger root and lemon.
* looking forward to an upcoming trip to kansas –> austin –> south padre island –> houston
* feeling really grateful for john, our health, our families, and our everyday lives. sometimes, i think i should pinch myself.
also, please welcome our new advertiser, elizabeth williams jewelry.

Sending much love,

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