Weekly Updte – She Found Her Wings

Jun 29, 2017 | Life in Progress

I’m obsessed with Instagram – it’s my favorite online home! Here’s a recap from the last week, and for those of you who aren’t on Instagram, come and join me!

Friday, June 23

I went in for my yearly mammogram today and was so deeply struck by this gorgeous sculpture in the breast cancer lobby. It was titled “She found her wings.” All the feels.

Sunday, June 25

We all woke up at 630 this morning to start painting the art shed before the heat set in (HOT today). Loving how it’s coming together but mostly feeling really loved that my whole family would rally so early to help me paint my new soon to be art studio.

I think I came home from Costa Rica with an intestinal bug/virus. I’ve been taking it easy (minus shed painting) these last few days, which means I’ve been binge watching The Leftovers (new to me show….interesting). Also, been thinking a lot about Brave Girl Symposium next week and what I’m going to talk about up on that gorgeous stage of theirs. Also, lots of thoughts swirling around about True graduating this week from his first year of grade school. We are saying goodbye to his outdoor school and are so very grateful for its gifts. Summer is officially starting for us over here and I’m excited for the adventure of it to begin.

Monday, June 26

John won a stuffed Lulu for me at the arcade and now the real #lulubutterbutterbean is confused. Good Monday to you!

Struggling a bit with door color:). Also, decided to add awnings, a little faux former, and maybe a DIY weather vane.

One of us is headed for our evening workout while the other of us is gonna snore by the door.

Tuesday, June 27

Working hard over here on the finishing touches for Hello Soul Hello Business. Took a little walk and got insanely delighted by this daisy, which matches my hippie vibe today perfectly.

Just got done with my evening workout and thought I’d share a bit of my fitness update. It’s been about 7 months of working out (strength training and most recently, high intensity cardio). I also started counting WW points somewhere in there. As of today I’m about 18 pounds lighter. I feel really GOOD. I am not too strict on the WW points (but it helps me make better choices for sure) but I’m very consistent with working out. And now I actually look forward to my workouts vs dreading them. And slowly but surely the weight is coming off. My goal is to lose the remaining weight (about 10 more to go) within the year. Small steps. I have plateaued many times in the last 7 months but I’ve learned to trust the process and that my body knows what it’s doing and to just keep showing up. This is my first time sticking to a fitness plan this consistently (I have a habit of giving up on fitness goals) and it’s changing my life. In fact, like running that half marathon changed my life ten years ago (it taught me I could do things I didn’t think I could do and so I went off and became an artist!), I have a deep sense that this fitness thing is shifting things I can’t even imagine yet. And I suppose it’s not my job to know. My job is to just keep showing up for myself and enjoy the feeling of being strong and healthy in body and mind and soul. Strong and healthy for the win.

Sending much love,

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