Weekly Update – Kindness All Around

Nov 17, 2016 | Life in Progress

I’m obsessed with Instagram – it’s my favorite online home! Here’s a recap from the last week, and for those of you who aren’t on Instagram, come and join me!

Thursday, November 3


Small pause on the trail to school today. Collecting moments of breath during this cray cray full week.


Studio floor paint drops for the win.


Exciting things are happening in the studio today. Stay tuned! Loving my job and the creative people who help make it all happen.


Until tomorrow, dear world.


Cannot love and agree with this more. Everything that has awakened me (so far 😉 started with chaos, despair, and confusion. That’s how we know we’re awake and alive – when we mine the chaos for all its gold. Image via @spiritualsoul

Friday, November 4


Hello weekend. I am so glad you are here. First up on the list: sleeping in in the morning.

Saturday, November 5


Spending this morning rereading one of my favorite parenting books. The power struggles have been hard lately for all of us, and I’m crazy grateful for books like this that I can refer to again and again that not only remind me of the brilliance of my child, but how I can keep that brilliance and connection well loved and tended to without the constant tension of power struggles. For those of you in similar stages of familyhood/parenthood, I can’t recommend this book enough.

Sunday, November 6




The light in the house today is all. Here’s the current view of the handmade pumpkin patch in the dining room.

Monday, November 7


I’m ecstatic over the new iPhone 7s camera you guys. Totally worth the wait. Here’s a heart for you guys. Big love.

Tuesday, November 8


I walked up to the counter to order my tea and the barista told me that the customer before me paid for my order with a message of “Happy Election Day” and I was stunned and touched by the kindness. I left with a skip in my step and a knowing that the world is full of good, hopeful, kind people.


Let’s vote AND be kind today. Let’s raise the vibration, friends. Let’s elevate the collective hope and reach for the best version of ourselves. The arena of politics needs our light, however we choose to vote today. Be a light today and stand steady in your hope.


Who else’s nerves have been a wreck? Trying to stay off the news today. I’ve got plans for a visit to the gym and then soaking pools. Trying to get my mind off the constant of it.


“And if any want to get to the most vulnerable among us, they will have to get through the rest of us first.” Yes. You are not alone. We are with you.

Wednesday, November 9


This evening, while Portland erupted in protest marches, we participated in a Lantern Walk Ceremony hosted by True’s forest/farm school. It’s a ceremony that honors the human ability to bring light into the darkness. Sweet affirming songs are sung while walking the dark path, the lanterns lighting the way. It was tender, quiet, and hopeful. The kids hand-made their lanterns last week using beeswax and cedar greens. Who knew the planned walk would be so resonant and healing when the day finally arrived? I am so grateful. May we continue to light the path for ourselves and those who need it most. Tomorrow, back to work. Love and light light light.

Thursday, November 10


Good morning, friends. Woke up today feeling better. Ready to get to work and help light the way for ourselves and others. Big love.

Friday, November 11


Family spirit dog. He snuggles have been pretty epic lately.


@katieisadaisy, I adore you, your creativity, your love you give to the world. Thank you for being a bright light!

Saturday, November 12


Picked this gem up at the airport yesterday. Been bonding, catching up, dreaming. Today she is leading a cozy gathering of women at my home for an afternoon of magnificence in honor of her latest book. Excited. @rachelawes

Sunday, November 13


You guys. Last night at my house, Rachel Awes stopped by on her Great Green Okayness book tour and led a most magnificent, moving conversation that revealed and unearthed many things I had long forgotten about myself but also – and perhaps most fun – revelations about my friends I hold dear who were present. By the end of the evening I felt the bright radiance and POWER that we women possess and can use as a force for GOOD in the world. It was the perfect end to a most intense week. Thank you, Rachel! @rachelawes

Monday, November 14


Typical play date at our home down in the music performance room. Love love and it never gets old. Last year for Christmas True asked for one of those star shiner projection things and let me just tell you how magical the kids think it is. Every room needs some sparkle.


Goodnight, friends. May we all sleep peacefully and with our tongues sticking out.

Tuesday, November 15


Good morning from the gorgeous Oregon coast. I’m here in a solo writing retreat for an upcoming book. Focused and ready. Big hugs.


Goodnight. And thank you for making this space about togetherness. Big love.

Wednesday, November 16


Goodnight, friends. May your sleeping hours be peace-filled.


Sending much love,

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