Weekly Update – Snuggle Season

Nov 16, 2017 | Life in Progress

I’m obsessed with Instagram – it’s my favorite online home! Here’s a recap from the last week, and for those of you who aren’t on Instagram, come and join me!

Monday, October 10

Morning from the land of bulldoggie snuggles.

October 12

Good morning from a cold and wet Autumn morning. Perfect morning for snuggles. Loving the newness of the season.

October 15

Good morning from a cold and wet Autumn morning. Perfect morning for snuggles. Loving the newness of the season.

October 16

Good morning from a sleepy Lulu.

October 17

Hard day yesterday. Currently reflecting and doing some soul digging around what belongs to me, what doesn’t, how to use my voice in both fierce and gentle ways, how to be and stay in integrity. I think it’s important to use all uncomfortable experiences for growth. For me, that often means not defaulting to the position that I’ve done something wrong. Often, we haven’t done anything wrong and the experience calls for simply finding our voice. A rising. Here’s to all the ways we are called to grow. May we rise, sisters. Rise.

October 21

John and I are on our way to celebrate the love of our friend Pixie and her dearest Sky. The drive has been gorgeously full of rain, the colors of Autum, the hint of winter snow on the mountain pass, and now the gorgeous high desert. Getting excited!

What a dear, heartfelt, emotionally tender and joyous celebration last evening inside this wondrous and cozy cabin. After celebrating and witnessing and taking in all the reminders of big love, sacred contracts, and old deep spiritual love, John and I snuggled up under the big sky, full of stars and camped for the night. I love love. Thank you Pixie for a beautiful experience. It was magical.

November 2

Between my art cottage that feels like my childhood fort dreams, this fairy garden in our front yard, and the hammock in the back, I’m feeling some serious integration of kidhood and adulthood. I love it more than i can say.

November 3


November 4

Treated ourselves to a new spread (from Anthro). The light is shining in today after a few days of rain.

November 10

Loving this shot True reading before lights out. Love how much he loves reading.

November 13

Having him come paint in the tiny art cottage makes me beam. Love that he loves it.

November 14

The scene last night as True pulled out his tooth. He was overjoyed afterwards, biggest smile, running downstairs to tell the whole story, detail by detail, to his papa. Like me, his teeth are slow to move. This is just his second tooth that has come out so far so the newness is real and fun. He left a note for the Tooth Fairy to please not take his tooth. She obliged, leaving a couple silver dollars. Love this kid. Love capturing these scenes.

Sending much love,

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  1. Aletha Helm Riter

    you mentioned your art cottage…pictures…I must have missed it…


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