Weekly Update – Feeling Weekendish…

May 12, 2016 | Life in Progress

Thursday, May 5


Everyday has been feeling a bit weekendish around here. Perhaps it’s the warmer weather. Or the school year coming to a close. Either way, soaking it up. Savoring. And loving it.
And this little one. Let me just say he’s been trying on some new behaviors that have us doing that delicate push/pull/boundary/acceptance dance that is parenting. Conscious parenting is hard, as it should be I suppose. I’m super grateful to mamas that have older kids that remind me it’s all normal stuff.

Friday, May 6


A day for the record books.

Saturday, May 7


Been working in moments and pauses of straight up soul care. We all have such full lives. Sitting on the porch alone while listening to the sounds of the neighborhood = bliss.

Monday, May 9


Had the loveliest of weekends. My family spoiled me with a day at the spa, banana pancakes, a trip to the Opera (PDX friends, The Magic Flute is awesome for kids. True loved it!), flowers and cards and so much love. I’m feeling all filled up and grateful. Motherhood continues to astound me with all of its wide open spaces where spiritual work meets everyday life. Big love to mamas everywhere. We are doing such meaningful, important work. Xxo!


We got rid of our TV downstairs, which means mantel gets properly decorated. Yes! Loving this new setup.

Tuesday, May 10


I’ve been walking in the early mornings lately. Loving the quiet and all the Spring findings, like these HUGE favorites of mine. Paused, took it in, then snapped a photo. Hello beauty!


You guys. My talented mom gave me a couple of her handmade plant pedestals that she makes out of vintage glassware. How cute is that? I’m in love with them on our kitchen island. Is anyone else succulent crazy like me? Cannot get enough.

Wednesday, May 12


Yesterday I took True to get a slurpee at the 7/11 and there was this young guy, looked to be in his late 20’s, a little disheveled, carrying a half empty gallon of orange juice, rushing around trying to get his own slurpee. He jumped out of line for a minute and when he came back True and I insisted he go ahead of us (he seemed like he was in a rush). When it was our turn to buy our slurpee the cashier told us that the disheveled man had already paid for it. Ahhhh. So good. We walked outside to find him giving what was left of his orange juice to a homeless man in front of the 7/11. Then this other construction worker man hopped out of his pick-up truck to give the homeless man the other half of his sandwich. True and I were inspired by all the kindness and we gave our homeless friend what we had, which was a few dollars. I love it when these things happen. Kindness inspires kindness. And I was SO touched by the young guy who started it all. We should never judge a book by its cover-a lesson I learn again and again.

Sending much love,

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  1. Elsie Hickey-Wilson

    Love your mother’s crystal plant stands! Reminded me of the garden surprises a neighbor used to make. She would build crystal glassware creations very much like your Mom’s and then she would go out at nighttime and hide it in a neighbor’s flower garden. We never knew what to expect! Alas, she has passed. Thanks for reminding me of those happy surprises! I love your blog posts, they always lift my mood and feed my soul!

    • Kelly Rae Roberts

      I love this idea! And what memories and connection she left behind :).


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