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Jan 23, 2013 | Entrepreneurship, Life in Progress

“Organizational effectiveness does not lie in that narrow minded concept called rationality. It lies in the blend of clearheaded logic and powerful intuition.” – Henry Mintzberg, Researcher McGill University

Friends, I had a moment. A big intuitive, potentially life changing moment that was all bright lights and clarity. Dramatic, right? It was a moment where a few particular lessons I’ve been learning collided while I was having breakfast one morning at a local cafe over emails. One lesson had to do with creating more support in my home life. One about more support in my work life. Another about asking for what is needed. Another about standing in my truth/power even after I ask for what is needed and don’t receive (we have to ask again or perhaps create/give it to ourselves). Another about letting go of the glory of being busy. That kind of stuff.

The moment led to a full circle realization that while I’ve been slowly welcoming radical support into my personal life (hello, stay at home Papa John!), I hadn’t yet learned the lesson of welcoming it into my work life. Friends, I think I got it.

Meet my new biz manager and health coach @lacylike. Lucky me!!!!
(ps: laptop skin available here)

With lots of careful consideration, undeniable intuition, and major confirmations from the universe at every turn, I am so excited to introduce my new full time Business Doula. Her name is Lacy. She is awesome. And hiring her many many weeks ago was one of my best moves. I’ve had part time interns and assistants here and there, but never a full time employee and certainly never anyone with job duties that include things like task mastering and holding space, detailed doer and dream weaver of new offerings, biz soul mission supporter and project manager, hopeful spirit and meticulous organizer. It’s like having a business manager and doula all in one. And if she couldn’t be a better fit, she’s also a skilled health coach who has already shown me how home juiced carrot juice doesn’t have to taste like carrot juice at all (a good thing, if you’re me).

Full time, friends. I am excited. Lacy is excited. And we’re excited to see what can unfold when two hearts and two doers tackle what is possible for Kelly Rae Roberts LLC! Come say hello at!

Here’s to genuine unleashing! Welcome aboard Lacy. You are going to love this community!

Sending much love,

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  1. Karen Cannon

    Welcome Lacy! You and Kelly have lots of adventures ahead of you! And p.s. I add ginger and some fresh apple to my carrot juice….yum!

  2. Susan Seale

    Congratulations! Feels like a fantastic evolution and she looks so happy too!

  3. Monica

    What a wonderful smile, her eyes are smiling big too.
    Congrats to you both!

  4. rachel awes

    kelly rae,
    looovely to meet lacy (hello, with love)
    lovely to hear you are listening to what you need + opening your arms wide to receive the whole beautiful sky.

  5. The Creative Beast

    Congratulations on finding such a wonderful employee! I love the job title too: Business Doula! I would love to have a job sharing my administrative and creative skills to help a fellow artist 'birth' more fabulous work – it would feel so collaborative! Thanks for planting a fun idea in my head – I may just start advertising my skills locally for this! =-)

  6. Summer Says...

    I'm a long-time Lacy fan. She totally rocks! I know she is thrilled about this new business adventure – and you are blessed to have her on your team. I can't think of a better encourager to have in your corner!

  7. Unknown

    You got a good one! 😉


    Welcome, share the juice recipe and bring on the crafts, I love my Wish girl !!!

  9. lacy

    Thank you so much for the beautiful welcome! SO happy to be here!

  10. Silvia Byrne

    How exciting for you Kelly – a whole new chapter beginning. And congrats to you too Lacy, what a fab person to work for (with) … best of luck ladies, we'll be happily watching this space. x

  11. Tejae: Heart Shaped Art

    I can only imagine what kind of wonderfullness you two will come up with!!

    Congratulations Lacy and you too kelly!!


  12. angi eharis

    welcome lacy! what a blessing for you and your family! life is good! aloha, angi in hana

  13. Kajal Dhabalia

    What an awesome move and adventure! Excited to see all the good things to come!


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