it’s snowing!

Dec 18, 2005 | Life in Progress

sometimes it feels like i’m on the very edge of my own possibilities. it’s feeling like my every thought, every heartbeat is screaming at me to take the leap of faith but i somehow hold back, just enough to keep my feet on the ground. it’s a liberating and freeing feeling, but on the other hand, it’s a bit frustrating. there’s only so much i can do in a 24 hour period. and my dreams are so much bigger than 24 hours. i’m glad i’ve got a lifetime. but i still feel in a rush.

i’m still listening to johnny cash, and thinking about the movie. “Folsom Prison Blues” comes into my head at very random times and i just start singing it.

still no word from rhode island. only one more mail day before we leave for florida. we really thought we’d know by now. the waiting continues…

oh yeah, it’s snowing outside!! it rarely snows in the city, and when it does, the entire city shuts down. the snow has been flying in the wind, whipping around in every imaginable direction. i immediately got all kinds of excited and everyone at the hospital was whispering and screaming and announcing, “It’s snowing!” It took me about an hour to drive home. the wind was fierce. the traffic was incredible. and it was my first time driving alone in snow and ice, but i made it home alive. poor john. he rode his bike to work this morning (we share one car and it wasn’t snowing this morning), but bella and i went to pick him up. and bella is a snow dog, so she couldn’t be happier. she actually had her head sticking outside of the car window with really heavy snow and wind blowing in her face. here’s a photo of the snow outside our front window. they say we’re in for a major ice storm tonite and tomorrow. all the schools have been cancelled for tomorrow. all government jobs, too. like i said, the city shuts down. it’s very exciting. i just hope this doesn’t interfere with our plans to fly out at 6am tuesday morning.

Sending much love,

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  2. britt

    kelly! that sounds amazing. it is exciting when the ice storms come to the places where it’s so rare. and snow right before christmas – how magical. have a great time in florida – follow your dreams – listen to your heart 🙂

  3. clare

    Wow! That’s a lot of snow for Portland. I wonder if Seattle got it too. Have a safe trip home and enjoy your time in FL. Give my love to the girls!


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