Jul 6, 2009 | Life in Progress

lately i’ve been:

loving the new macbook pro. this new version puts my 2006 mac powerbook to shame. the photo booth is such fun (see above sillyness), the iphoto and imovie are way better, and the speed and graphics and memory are eons ahead of what i had. so thankful for technology. i’m getting geekier and geekier by the minute.
reading the twilight series. i charged through the first two books. i’m getting ready to start the last one tomorrow. i can’t believe how obsessed i’ve been over these books. i mean really.
quite homesick for girlfriends. i know i need to find my community here in seattle but i’m feeling a bit pessimistic on this front at the moment. i’m feeling like my window of opportunity to meet peeps is right now given the awesome weather (everyone in the NW seems to go into hiding the minute nov 1st rolls around….that’s just 4 months from now. can you sense my anxiety?). i’m fighting the compulsion to go up to strangers who look like they might be my kind of peeps and giving them my phone number. i know, i know.
working on the finishing touches on my new website. i am so eager to get it up, it’s driving me slightly mad. the design is done and gorgeous and now the programming is in it’s final stage. soon, soon!
thinking about creating a writing schedule. the life and art of writing is calling me more and more these days. like a compulsion.
exploring a bit more of seattle. found an awesome italian restaurant where the cappuccinos taste almost as good as they did in italy.
super inspired by true love and art and words and friends who are following their bliss, leaping fearlessly toward their rawness, their wild pieces, their destiny. it’s pretty cool to witness these times of transformations in those i hold close.
in art news, i’ve been holding back. i don’t know what’s happening, but i sense a bit of tension and friction when it comes to my painting – like another birthing or growth spurt that is taking it’s time. nothing too serious but it has me feeling a bit uneasy with the slow pace. it’s all a part of it, i know. art will always be a part of my life, sometimes fast and furious. sometime slow and deliberate. i suppose i’m learning to navigate the slow and deliberate.
loving summer tv…mostly so you think you can dance and the bachelorette.
thinking about my life as a mom. what that would look like. how i would be. how i would love. this decision has been such a back and forth for me, thatItalic i sometimes wish the answer was clearer, that i just knew.
just happy. just slow and low and happy and fulfilled and not stressed out and not busy. life is good. and full. the ebbs and flows astound me.

Sending much love,

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