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May 25, 2011 | Life in Progress

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While we settle back to our routines, adjust back to our time zone, take our first trip to Costco, and mourn the ending of Oprah, I thought I’d share some link love with you:

* Crushing on her site/blog/art again.
* Could not have expressed this better.
* So very very deeply in love.
* I really love what I do. This is why.
* And this, too, from a recent fashion design graduate. Can you believe it?
* Intrigued.
* I so totally want to do this! And this!
* Completely entranced.
* One day I will learn how to do this.


ps: Long time sponsor and former student, Beth Nicholls is creating magic with her Do What You Love e-course and retreat. She interviewed me for her upcoming ecourse and it was one of my favorite interviews I’ve ever done. We had a great conversation. Here’s a five minute clip where I share how attending my first art retreat in 2006 led to my falling in love with making art and how it all felt very much like having a hot and heavy boyfriend at the time. We talk about the falling in love, the passion, the honeymoon phase and what happens after….

For those of you who are unable to listen, here’s the transcript of our conversation:

Hello there. This is Beth Nicholls from Do What You Love, and I am excited to be able to share with you an excerpt from the exclusive interview recorded with Kelly Rae for the Do What You Love e-course. The e-course is a six-week online adventure that helps you expand your comfort zone, nurture your playful spirit and feed your creative soul. In the company of a community of like-minded people from across the world, you will benefit from thought-provoking posts, creative prompts (including photography, and making things!), self-discovery exercises and other inspiring interviews. These will help you identify your passion and take you further along the road towards Doing What You Love.

I interviewed Kelly Rae for the course because she really is a shining example of someone who has made a lot of choices along the way to do what she loves, for life.

This extract is taken from a 30 minute audio interview which appears in Week 5 of the course. We begin with me asking Kelly Rae about her first art retreat, which was a real turning point on her creative journey.


KRR: I remember this feeling on my way to the retreat… I was driving in my car – it was about a six hour drive, I was alone, I was listening to music, and I just had this feeling that this was going to be big, that something was going to happen. And then on my way home, the same drive, I was about to explode. I just wanted to scream out the windows.

You know when you fall in love, and all you just – that’s all you want to do – to talk about your boyfriend or your fiance, you’re just like a chatty in-love fool, that’s how it was for me, that’s how that experience was. I probably drove the people in my life crazy. I was just talking constantly about what I had discovered and I was blogging about it, and the combination of that experience plus blogging just created a momentum for me. I created a community and the community, and the people that I met in my blogging community just kept me going. And that was almost five years ago this fall – or actually this spring.

I think it was talking about it, blogging about it, talking about it and letting the people close to me know what my dreams where so they could ask me about it and support me along the way. And pretty soon I think the people in my life could see I was serious, because I’d never really found my passion before.

BN: Did you meet any resistance along the way from other people?

KRR: Totally, yes. A lot of resistance from myself thinking all those questions that we all have, which is: “Who am I to think that I am creative, or that I’ve got something to offer?”, or that this makes me different, or “why am I even bothering?” At the time I was working a full time job and I wasn’t really interested in the business side of it at all. I was just coming home from work, skipping the gym, and making art in my dining room on weekends, at night. I wasn’t getting any sleep. And then I would bring my little paintings in to my co-workers at the hospital and I would just go on and on and on, you know, like that boyfriend that we all talk about. They just thought I was crazy but it was so cute. Looking back on that, what a sweet time. I was just so in it, and I just really couldn’t care less about anybody else. Even though I had those gremlins I still was like an eight-year old bringing my paintings to work. You know what I mean?

BN: I love that analogy of it being like a relationship. So you had this amazing – I guess – honeymoon period.

KRR: Totally

BN: And have you found that your relationship with your creativity has developed and changed over time?

KRR: Oh, absolutely. It’s so true. I love this idea of it being like a relationship because it really is. It has completely changed – we were hot and heavy for a couple of years (!) and I would say around 2009 we started to slow down a little bit and then had to really work at it a little more. The inspiration carried me for a couple of years very well, but I would say that a couple of years ago I had to get more intentional about seeking inspiration, changing things up and working a little bit harder at it.

BN: So you’ll have to watch out in 2013 for the seven-year itch!

KRR: That’s really true!

The rest of the interview is just as juicy. To hear the full 30 minutes of insight from Kelly Rae, as well as other inspiring interviews with artists like Flora Bowley and Christine Mason Miller, sign up for the Summer session, which starts on June 6. You can register now at It might just be the most important investment you make in yourself. I hope to see you in class!

Sending much love,

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