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Dec 22, 2010 | Life in Progress

(celebrating my making it through 11 weeks of mamahood by taking a trip to an anthropologie dressing room for the first time in over a year – oh how i’ve missed that place! ruffle dress is from target)

it’s christmas week. i’m so hoping you guys are enjoying the quiet or the chaos, wherever you may be in this part of your life. for me, i’m pretty much homebound these days with our little tiny baby. it’s so cold outside that we’ve barely left the our super cozy coop. which, you know, is just totally fine with me.

i’ve been meaning to share these links for weeks. as i’m finally finding my way out of new mamahood fog, i thought i’d pull them all together for some holiday week browsing for you guys. have a magical christmas and i’ll see you next week.

much xxo, kelly rae

ps: i’m so totally sprinkling in some cute photos of baby true in with these links because i cannot help myself.

-totally loving that my pal leigh (aka curly girl) started a blog.
-i’m a new designmom fan – totally inspired by how she runs her hugely successful creative biz with SIX kids at home. if she can do it, i can too:)

-loving this collection of taking flight
-this blog post had me almost peeing in my pants, it was so funny
-i think this is the best idea ever.


-this had me beaming and grinning.
-this made me chuckle because we are so totally a part of this baby name thing that’s happening in the world.

-did i tell you that i met this lovely blogger? she’s a new friend!
-and this one too!

-totally loving this handmade goodness.
-loving mati’s aha moment – a teaching moment for all of us.

10 weeks.

-during maternity leave, my book reached 110 reviews on amazon, all but 11 of those reviews are five starts. i am super proud of this.

-if i weren’t so in the midst of finding my way in my new world right now, i’d totally take this class.
-three of my favorite people on earth are collaborating, and it’s going to be a.m.a.z.i.n.g.

-john and i both agree that this book rocks. and it inspired me to get this new lens which i have not taken off my camera since i got it last month.


currently reading:
-this book which i read years ago but now it makes so much more sense.
-this book which helped me unearth a huge aha moment last week (i’m working on writing it all down)
-i know it’s totally silly, but i really want to get this book.
-and i’m also reading this book which makes new mamahood feel less crazy, though i’ve certainly embraced my inner crazy these last many weeks.
-i’ve already pre-ordered friend sarah’s book, and misty’s too!


i am so in love with this audio documentary called born

– john gave me this and i do not leave the house without it.
– i finally gave in and bought a pair of these. i do not walk around the house without them (even when we’ve got the heat set to 72).
– coveting this

– completely inspired and blown away by this (because this is what’s it’s all about, right?)


Sending much love,

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