a little adventure to vancouver bc

Jun 7, 2009 | Life in Progress

it seems so strange to have just arrived home from hawaii only to pack our bags and head off for another adventure, but that’s how john’s vacation schedule worked out and so we went with it! this time we headed up the road to vancouver bc. what an awesome city…..check it out:

john surprised me with a horseback riding tour – something i’ve been wanting to do for years and years. my horse’s name was ‘flash’ and he took me for a bit of a stroll, and then a trot, and then a full-on gallop. it was awesome. we were on horseback for about 3 hours, just the two of us (me + john) and our guide. we rode thru old growth forests, by the river, along the railroad tracks, and more. i loved it. so relaxing and majestic, those horses. wow.

we kayaked in deep cove. this is the view from the front of our kayak (gorgeous) and the photo above is the view when i turned around (nice view, eh?). whenever we go kayaking, we get a two seater – and john doesn’t mind at all that he does most of the work. i’m there for moral support and to get the singing started. we sang ‘row row row your boat’ in rounds and it was the funniest thing i’ve done in a long time. but seriously, vancouver bc, i love you. you have amazing views. speaking of rowboats, i love this photo i captured of a man and his dog in their little red boat. so cute!

we also took a trip to see the suspension bridges in the tree tops. very, very cool. we lucked out with the weather – super sunny and warm. we toured granville, yaletown, stayed in a b+b in downtown, took water taxis, and ate very well.


we rented bikes one day and did the bike tour that goes all around the water’s edge. vancouver reminded me a lot of seattle – lots of green lush, doggies everywhere, water everywhere, outdoorsy peeps, and super scenic (check out this view from our car). loved it. everyone seemed so nice and friendly, too – i found several hope notes on bathroom walls including these two.

so there you have it. i’m feeling so fortunate to have traveled a bit this last month. but more than that, i’ve loved the time with john. we were discussing just this morning how great it feels to be re-entering this new phase of our marriage where neither of us are in school or planning big transitions or under big amounts of stress. we’ve had so much movement in our lives these last three years, that it feels so refreshing to be in place (emotionally and physically) where we feel settled in big areas of our lives (job, financially, home, and on and on). life feels rich and simply good in ways that have my spirit and heart bursting with energy. i know it’s not always this way, so i’m savoring, savoring, savoring.

Sending much love,

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