lovebomb 2010 – a snapshot

Jul 23, 2010 | Life in Progress

“Some people move our souls to dance. They awaken us to new understanding with a passing whisper. They come into our lives, leave footprints on our hearts, and we are never the same.” – unknown


(photo by tracey clark)
i arrived home a couple of days ago from our annual lovebomb trip to the oregon coast. i arrived at our gathering a bit scattered and overwhelmed. as you know, i’ve been having a hard time getting my bearings for a couple of months now. i just feel totally uprooted.
but being with these dear friends for a few days inside the tradition of our yearly gathering left me feeling rooted and secure in friendship, in life, in what really matters. i love that our group is firmly embedded into our lives, that it’s something i can count on, that it will always be a source of holding up, of celebrating, of intimacy, of fun. i am so lucky. no mater what state i arrive in each year (crazy, frazzled, peaceful, inspired), i always find refuge and comfort and i always go home transformed.
(me, jen)
every year during the two hour car ride to the coast, jen and i talk, and listen to music, and then we tell one another what we most hope for from the upcoming days – both for our group and for ourselves. this year (for myself), i hoped for calm, for air, for breathing space, for moments to sink into my pregnancy, for conversation, for blessings into motherhood. i hoped for the inner and outer chaos of my recent days to slip away so that i could deeply feel my pregnancy, forget all the renovation and work back home, and just be wrapped inside the arms of community.
of course, it totally worked. i’ve learned so much from our yearly gatherings, but one thing i keep learning is that it’s 100% okay to ask for what i want/need and then to simply show up (physically, emotionally, spiritually) and receive. as as magic happens, the giving unravels when our hearts are full. this gathering fills my heart. every single year. it’s part of what fuels my creativity for months to come, my optimism, my productivity, and so much more.
things learned
(photo by hula)
it’s become a sort of tradition during our days on the coast to call in what we most need in our lives. last year, we marked that calling with script on our bodies. this year, we had a more intimate ritual around the the fireplace after a few days of togetherness. either way, i love the idea of witnessing one another’s hopes and dreams in real concrete ways like this – around a fireplace, side by side, heart by heart. there is so much power in sharing our stories of where we’re standing today and then having the dearness of community support you as you tend to that need, that hope, that dream all year long.
of course, in between all of that is pure fun and sillyness. i loved hula’s list from the weekend – it’s so true, every single one. there’s singing at the top of our lungs (last year it was hilarious dancing), shared meals, shopping excursions to Unfurl (best shop in manzanita, oregon), hot dog stands, story telling games, play on the beach, and even googly eyes where you least expect to find them.
this group feels a bit like a compass for me in my life. their trueness inspires me to continually find and adjust for my own true north all year long. i am so grateful for that…in every way. i have so much more to share in the way of photos and pregnancy and messages from the universe….more soon!
every year when i write about lovebomb, i’m reminded of the idea that we really must create the experiences we most need. that’s how this group was formed a few years ago, and the same is totally possible for you. please head over to this post that jen and i wrote last year on how you (yes you!) can create your own gathering. if your heart is calling, listen. i can’t encourage you enough to really lean into those whispers….

Sending much love,

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