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Aug 28, 2009 | Life in Progress

(pacific city, oregon)
been thinking a lot about dreaming and wishing these last many days. i’m so inspired by the community over at mondo beyondo. jen + andrea are doing such a great job leading the class and now i’ve found myself all wrapped up in dreaming big, almost ridiculous dreams for myself.
in 2006 i declared my life’s first really big dream: to make a living making art. in some ways, my passion fueled this particular journey and i didn’t really have much say in what unfolded – the dream had the reigns and i was along for the ride so to speak. of course, there was (and still is) so much hard work, but most of the time it doesn’t feel too much like work, and more like dream living. and for that, i’m forever grateful. sometimes i can’t believe i’m inside this life. i really can’t.
i like dreaming. i like the energy it gives to the world. i like thinking of possibilities, however ridiculous they might sound. i like cheering for the underdog. and i love happy endings that involve triumph and open hearts, no matter how deep the struggle. we are, afterall, the creators of our own happy endings – a rejoiceful response to all the broken pieces of our stories.
back to dreaming. i want to be brave in these next dreams i surrender out into the world. i want to stretch and reach and expand my vision for my life. i want to wish for the expansive, the unlikely, the onhoneyyou’llneverhavethat dreams. so here it goes. bravery, and all….
my mondo beyondo list:
to create a family as soon as possible
to write book #2 (a non art book that has been in my head for months). and for it to be wildly successful and really good.
to work with anthropologie in some way
to learn yoga and for it to become a part of my life
to create HUGE giant art
to expand my licensing gigs
to make really good friends in seattle
to continue making a good living doing what i do. i hope it never ends.

Sending much love,

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