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Apr 22, 2008 | Entrepreneurship, Life in Progress

i wanted to let you know of two books coming out soon that i was lucky to be a small part of. the first book is cate prato’s (cate is one of cloth/paper/scissors’ wonderful editors) book called Mixed-Media Self Portraits. this book includes self portrait artwork from several artists, essays, creative prompts, and techniques. i have a painting included in this book (it’s on the cover, too!) as well as an essay that explores using self portraits in our artwork as a means toward more meaningful creativity. if you look closely, you’ll see a photo of me (as a baby), my momma, and even my beloved dog Bella on the cover of this book – so fun. you can pre-order this book here.
the second book is LK’s latest book, True Vision: Authentic Art Journaling. it’s also available for pre-order on amazon. totally excited about this book and happy to have a new painting inside its pages. LK is a huge inspiration to me and she taught one of the first creative workshops i’ve ever attended – a gentle, soulful woman. this book is all about authentic and meaningful art journaling and showcases the work of over 25 artists. i hope you check it out!

life has been feeling refreshingly normal lately. no major deadlines looming, no huge projects on the horizon, no internal pressure to do or to accomplish. just regular life that involves john, my dog, reading, friend dates, the gym (have i mentioned that i signed up for several personal training sessions – totally hilarious), and even television (totally hooked to american idol and the bachelor right now – i know, i know). i haven’t felt compelled to paint since artfest and i’m just going with it – waiting for the inspiration to return. it will, but i’m not going to force it. i do have one very exciting possibility in the wings – and oh i can’t wait to share details (hopefully very soon)!

things are feeling a bit quiet in blog world. how are you guys doing?

Sending much love,

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  1. julie king

    i haven’t visited your blog lately and i’m enjoying catching up on what’s happening in kelli’s world. great, great, great on the books! as always, you inspire me!

    what’s your take on idol? my #1 is david c then david a then not sure. i’m shocked that carly went home.

    amanda is my pick on bachelor. take care!

  2. faerie enchantment

    These books look absolutely amazing, I can’t wait to see them in print! Congratulations on being included in both these books!
    Magic and Joy!

  3. Lina

    Congrats on being in the books, that is awesome!

  4. wexfordgirl

    Congratulations Kelly!

    Wasn’t Carly great on Idol last night? I think the Irish girl is going to win.

  5. The Dreaming Bear

    Can’t wait to see that mixed media book! Good for you! So happy to hear all that’s happening in your world! Someday, I’d love to take one of your classes.
    Cheers! Dori

  6. kelly

    very exciting…

  7. justagirl

    the books look fab especially the self portraits one.

    Nice feeling to have no ‘must do’ deadlines and to just cruise. Enjoy.

    I have been busy getting a new body of work together to hopefully sign up and sell on etsy. All a little exciting and really scary at the same time.

  8. Lucy

    I’m really excited about the portrait book as well as the one you have coming out. One of my goals this year is to do several face paintings in a collection I’m calling “Altered Thoughts of Women”.

    As far as what I’ve been doing, I tried my first attempt at an abstract floral mixed media–and I’ve received a ton of hits on it in one day on Etsy (exciting for me)..even better if someone bought

    Glad things are returning to normal for you! You’re best work will come to you when you are not forcing it!

  9. Deirdre

    I’m just blown away by how you’ve stepped forward into the art world. The books look delicious. Congratulations.

  10. melanie

    i have been really enjoying read you blog.

    today I wanted to post a HUGE congratulations to you for your work in those two books.

    I will definitely be interested in the mixed media book since I just started dabbling in that myself and would love to get some inspiration/technique notes. Nothing like seeing the other beautiful art people create!

    blessings kelly rae! πŸ™‚

  11. Dawn

    Congrats on your inclusion in these books…I didn’t know about the self-portraits one and can’t wait to see it…

    I agree with you about the quiet feeling in the blog world…thought it was just me…

  12. Rekoj

    Congratulations on being included on two very inspiring books!
    My first workshop at Artfest was with LK and she spoke of this book – I can’t wait to see it! She is indeed a wonderful and inspiring artist and it was a blessing to spend a day of play with her!
    I’ve been painting up a storm since Artfest but oddly enough not in any vein from a workshop. It just brought me back to my roots of painting which is nowhere near my current art biz but I’m loving it and just don’t care.
    As always, the muse will strike when she’s ready. Til then, enjoy the freedom to relax!

  13. Carmen

    These books look awesome! Especially the journaling one! Congrats on your appearances in them!




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