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Jul 28, 2009 | Life in Progress

dear friends,

remember last fall when we all pulled together and raised money to help build a home for one exceptional family in rwanda? remember that? i do. i remember being blown away not only by the amt we raised, but by the strength of our hearts and our enthusiasm to do something remarkable. that was in november and the house was built to completion a long time ago but we didn’t have a way to get photos…until now.
(esteria, in front of her old dilapidated home)
jen just returned from her trip to rwanda where she visited esteria and what she calls “the house that love built.” i just got off the phone with her a little while ago where i wept the minute she told me about the house. and the photos really hit me. this is real. i am honored and so touched and moved beyond words to share her letter and photos with you (YOU made this happen!):


(new house on the left, old house on the right. HUGE difference)

Dear Kelly Rae,

Here are photos of Esteria’s house. I cannot tell you how amazing it was for me to walk down that path, turn the corner and see this amazing little house right next to the old one still crumbling. Odette’s brother Innocent did an amazing job with the money we sent–the house is not only strong, functional and well-thought out, it’s also completely adorable and exactly what the family needs–no more and no less. By the time I found Esteria sitting out back, I was so emotional thinking about everything you’ve done and what a big difference your community made by caring like this. She hugged me for a long, long time while I cried.

I love you so much. Thanks for being willing to be in this with me and for reminding me of all the ways we make the world better when we decide we’re in this together.


(jen + esteria in front of the new house)
there you have it, friends. you did this. we did this. i am speechless. i really am.
ps-thank you so much for all the contributions that have been made to megan’s chip-in fund (donation are still be accepted). again, we are making such an important impact for one very dear soul. here is part of a letter i received from her yesterday:
“I was speechless after reading your blog and all of the comments. I have never been the recipient of so much love and support from so many people at one time. My deepest gratitude for your heartfelt appeal. Your message and the comments from your readers have lifted my spirits and given me an extraordinary sense of well-being.”

Sending much love,

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