Weekly Update – Finishing Touches, Sweet Things, and More Words to Live By!

Jan 30, 2015 | Life in Progress


I’m obsessed with Instagram – it’s my favorite online home! Here’s a recap of my week, and for those of you who aren’t on Instagram, come and join me!

Friday January 23

Today I’m working on redeeming the DIY fail from earlier this week. Took
the pvc pipe and fabric down. Decided to hinge two old 8′ doors
together. Gonna add curtains on both sides of the doors and I think this
is already looking way better. Will show you progress as we go along.
Thanks for all of your suggestions earlier this week about this area! #kellyraesstudio
 Crazy full day. Crazy full week. Physically my body is exhausted from
all the schlepping and unpacking and decorating and organizing.
Emotionally and spiritually I am beyond excited and energized. I just
know in my bones this transition will birth good things. We start work
next week fresh and ready to go inside a space I can hardly believe is
mine. I am grateful. #dressedupinjoy #thewearyourjoyproject #helloweekend
Today my stepdad spent hours helping me hang stuff up high, including
these parasols above my desk. Love how this area turned out and so
grateful for the help. Thanks, Greggie! #kellyraesstudio
Saturday January 24

Saturday’s are for @pipsoriginal donuts. Best donuts in Portland! #itstrue

Here’s our kitchen area and table. The hinged doors divider (with a
curtain on either side) replace the DIY fail from last week and give us
ample storage in that corner. Loving this corner of the new studio! The
only other thing to do in this space is hang my art above the
chalkboards. #excited #kellyraesstudio

Had to share this before and after of this storage area. Went from DIY fail to #somuchbetter. Whew! #kellyraesstudio

 Sunday January 25

The other night I went into his room for what felt like the umpteenth
time after we had already said goodnight and lights were out. “Buddy,
what iiiiiisssss iiiittt??? Mama is desperately trying to eat dinner.”
His reply? “Oh sorry, mama. I just wanted to tell you how much I love
all the changes and decorations you made to my bedroom and my fort room.
Good job!” #mmmhmmm #wellplayed #hehasmewrappedaroundhisfinger #trueelioorlando

Monday January 26

Today feels like a new beginning. It’s our first week in the new
studio/office. Something about it feels like the first day of school
seeing that we go to an old classroom. The backpack and lunch tote I’m
carrying bring it all together. #cheesy #geekingout #thewearyourjoyproject #dressedupinjoy

I’ll share a full studio tour on my blog next week as we still have some
small finishing touches to do to the painting area, but I’m happy to
say that this lounge area of the space is complete. Today a couple of
friends stopped by and we sat here and it felt amazing to have a place
to sit and chat and dream. #littlethings #grateful #hellojoyhellospace #kellyraesstudio

Tuesday January 27

Regram from @nathanyoder. Makes me think of @brenebrown‘s mantra “courage over comfort” which I borrow often. And by often I mean daily. #courage

Annnnnd I’m home sick today. Taking it easy and doing some light chores
(laundry!). Friends, this bug is nasty and its two steps forward, one
step back for my entire family. I’m SO ready for it to move on already.
It’s been a solid 2.5 weeks for all of us. True went back to school
today so that’s a step in the right direction. I’ll take it. #ugh #overit

#Repost @rarebyrdamy
who is a dear friend of mine and who is looking for a couple of PDX
creatives to share an amazing space with! Awesome opportunity ・・・From
Yep. We are looking for some creative peeps to join us in the
Washington High School suites. THIS is an amazing place with endless
opportunities and fun creatives all throughout the building. Email us
ASAP if you’re interested in a brand new, bold adventure.
Graphicdesignamys@gmail.com #boldamy #washingtonhighschool #adventure #eeeekkkk

Wednesday January 28

Are you guys following @lynzeelynx?
She’s one of my favorite peeps on the planet and she makes amazing art,
including jewelry. I own several pieces. She just list a few GORGEOUS
earrings and necklaces and I had to share. #ilovebraggingaboutmyfriends #sofun #sisterfriend 

Yes. Yes. Yes. #kellyraeroberts

Thursday January 29

Totally geeking out over my new backpack. Raise your hand if you’re a
backpack girl too. (Ps: got this at one of my favorite stores called
Cargo in Portland). #backpackgirl #backpacklove #thewearyourjoyproject #dressedupinjoy

Loving this display of my sculptures by @vaniavanderveen!

Hey guys. I wanted to show you what my sculptures look like before they
get painted. This is a mold of our popular “love always wins” sculpture.
I sort of love the all white ;). #kellyraeroberts

Love this shot John got of me and True painting with our texture tools.
One of our favorite things to do is collaborative painting. This was our
first time trying out the new set up in my studio and we all decided we
love it. Like, tons. #trueelioorlando #kellyraesstudio

We decided this one sort of looked like outer space. Also, I’m seriously
considering offering workshops for parents AND their kids. I’m finding
that parents who take my current ecourse with their kids are finding it
to be a major way they can connect with them, a memory maker and an
activity that enriches. Not to mention that kids have so much to teach
US parents about creativity. They are awesome examples of how to stay
FREE in the creative process. Anyways, it all has me thinking a workshop
specifically about parents collaborating with their kids might be a
super fun offering. Hmmmm. I’m on it!

That’s it for this week! Check back here next week for another update, or join us over on Instagram for daily photos and thoughts!

Kelly Rae

Sending much love,

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