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May 15, 2015 | Life in Progress


I’m obsessed with Instagram – it’s my favorite online home! Here’s a recap from the last week, and for those of you who aren’t on Instagram, come and join me! And you can click here to see all the Instagram updates right here on my blog!

Thursday, May 7


Yes, yes, yes.

Current scene. Writing my heart out on the front porch in the best weather ever.

Goodnight Thursday. I’m pooped. I’m happy. I’m in love with these colors.
Friday, May 8

Gonna be a warm gorgeous day here. I’m wearing my happiest, sunniest tunic and my newish blue sandals for the occasion

Friends, I hope you have the most wonderful, special, relaxing, happy,
reflective, fun Mother’s Day weekend! I’ll be sending special notes not
just to my mom, but to all my friends who have nurtured and mothered me
along the way. XO!

Signing off for the weekend, friends. Have a lovely, lovely couple of days. Big xo.

Monday, May 11

It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.”
― E.E. Cummings
I’m not sure I’ll ever really “grow up,” but this process of becoming
who I really am is requiring calling on my courage reserves. This week
I’m saying hello to courage. Here’s to your bright, roaring “hello!” to
start your week!

It was a lovely weekend with family this weekend. This little guy
painted my toes, had some serious fun in the sun, and gave us all many
laughs. Totally love my life. John has been calling it a life-cation
lately to remind us to enjoy and relax. It totally works! Lifecation. I
like that. Happy Monday, friends!

I was voted most likely to wear stripes with plaids in high school, which makes me chuckle that I’m now leading The Wear Your Joy Project ecourse more than 20 years later. The universe has a major sense of
humor, I think. Today is the first day of our 30 day practice and I’m
thrilled. Today I’m wearing patched up jeans and friends, they make me
feel like ME!

Sneak peek at a little something coming soon.
Goodnight, Monday. Thankful for so much today, but the massage and bath I treated myself to this evening take the cake. Ahhhhhh.
Tuesday, May 12
Ahhhh! Totally digging the new empathy cards by Emily McDowell. Emily is a truth teller while also being funny. A rare combo. And I like it.

“Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really
love. It will not lead you astray.”
― Rumi
YES. I love love love this quote – that “strange pull” is exactly what I
was feeling almost 10 years ago. Letting joy in is a daily practice,
and I haven’t been I haven’t been led astray yet. This print reads “And then she followed her heart and let joy in.”


Day 2 of the Wear Your Joy Project
ecourse! Totally loving this sweet community. Today it feels like Autumn
and so I broke out another old tunic, high rise skinny jeans, and my
new boots. Also got my hair did yesterday. Getting dressed up in joy is a beautiful self care and self compassion project.

We’ve reached the age of little painterly kits. Love. And totally takes me back.
Wednesday, May 13

The roses are coming out and they’re sprouting up all over Portland. Love.

Today in The Wear Your Joy Project ecourse we are creating simple Wear Your Joy altars. Friends, I am
loving this tribe of students. Our private Facebook is exploding with
honesty, joy, and sacred sharing. I am reminded again and again how
powerful it is when groups of women gather. It’s only day 3 and we are
rocking this thing. Anyway, here’s my little altar. This morning I
paused here, lit the candle, and read aloud my permission slip that says
“you are allowed to shine”. Intention changes everything. And so does joy. It’s not to late to join us! Link in profile with all the info. Xxo!

How adorbs is this baby swing I spotted in our hood today during my walk?

Thursday, May 14


Do not lose hope —what you seek will be found.”
― Neil Gaiman
I wanted to share an oldie but a goodie today. Been thinking about
seeking and being found. When I feel “found” is when I’m in the flow,
when there is ease and gentleness. I think I will always be a seeker.
Not for more or better or answers, but for my truth, source, and light.


Yesterday is was wet and cold. Today it’s sunny and warm.  Today it’s biz calls, writing, being secret reader at the preschool, my
first ever spin class, and an appt with the dermatologist for that
annoying adult acne.

My joy teacher.

 Lots of 1’s lately.

That’s it for this week! Check back here next week for another update, or join us over on Instagram for daily photos and thoughts!

Kelly Rae

Sending much love,

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