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Feb 13, 2016 | Life in Progress

I’m obsessed with Instagram – it’s my favorite online home! Here’s a recap from the last week, and for those of you who aren’t on Instagram, come and join me! And you can click here to see all the Instagram updates right here on my blog!

Friday, February 5



Print available in my shop


Surrender your fear
Hold on to what matters
Be brave
Stay true to your voice
Embrace change
Write a love note (to yourself)
Celebrate everything
Come back to your center

Spent a full and amazing day with Susan Roderick. Friends, if there is one golden rule I have in biz it is this: ONLY work with people (including accountants, freelancers, etc) that you genuinely like, folks that aren’t just skilled at what they do but people who are kindreds. Every time I haven’t followed this rule, I’ve regretted it. But this is Susan Roderick and I definitely don’t regret working with her. Can’t wait to show you the stunning videos we’ve been working on when my new website launches next month. They have made a few folks cry! She is a talented GEM and I can’t recommend her enough for any of you who need a creative videographer. 

Saturday, February 6

A rare block of hours all to myself at home. The to do list is long, y’all, but I’m listening to my spirit and body and soul. Gonna sit my booty down on the couch, start the fire, and finish reading this super amazing read. I might even take a nap.

Sunday, February 1

Our reward system for True is quite simple: he earns tickets for various choices and behaviors and just like at the arcade, he can cash in his tickets for stuff. The “stuff” are things that he’s chosen ahead of time. 10 tickets for a small toy. 20 tickets for a trip to the ice cream shop. 50 tickets for a trip to the bike play gym. Stuff like that.

I love his enthusiasm. If you were here he would very enthusiastically and with much animation tell you about how he earns these tickets and how he plans to use them.

Go True! Also, can I just say how precious these fingers are to me? Look closely and you’ll see remnants of his favorite gold glittery nail polish. 

Sunday. Currently getting some emails answered in this cozy room. Then moving on to a shower and a girlie get together at my house later this afternoon. Also, the Sun is fully out today in Portland
and I’m stoked about it. ?✨?

Monday, February 8

Grow true…

Bloom wild… Have a wonderful week, friends!

Dear ?, thanks for coming around the last couple of days. I have missed you and you are awesome.

He informed me the other day that he wasn’t into Michael Jackson anymore. Wha??? When I asked him why he said, “Oh, because I like Weird Al Yankovic better.”

Tuesday, February 9

Listen to your heart whispers,

Trust their wisdom,

And follow their truth…

Today is was in the 70s on the Oregon coast – a rare spring day in the middle of winter. The whole family packed up and chased the sun for a day of hooky. 100% WORTH IT.

Wednesday, February 10

Wear your joy, friends. Wear your JOY. This practice continues to unfold and create nurturing morning routines for me. Because it’s not just about our clothes, but about remembering who we are and making our hearts visible. Yes yes yes. 

Dear Child.

I promise to come alive with joy when you enter the room.

I want you to feel loved and celebrated.

I promise to encourage you to dream big and reach toward possibility with faith and courage along the way.

I promise to create, play, dance, and sing with you.

Joyful, creative abandon will be valued.

I promise to teach you about how to be brave in sadness and brave in love.

There will be pain, fear, joy and love.

I will be with you, side by side, to guide you through all of it.

I promise to show up, be present, and truly engaged when we’re together.

I want you to feel seen and heard.

I promise to practice gratitude with you so we can feel joy and abundance in all things.

I promise to provide a safe, nurturing home where you have full permission to be who you are.

May our spirits be connected, always.

May you always know how deeply you are loved, how your life shines brightly and how your heart is never alone. 

Have you guys seen Amy Butler’s new book with Chronicle Books? It’s an explosion of eye candy. I’ve been a HUGE fan of Amy’s for years and my mom and I have been buying her fabric for what seems like ever. I’ve had the privilege of working with her and I can say that she is one of the most lovely and warm and authentic folks in the biz. Also, I’m delighted to be featured in this book (a dream). Congratulations, Amy! It’s GORGEOUS! 

You guys have been asking for it and I’m finally getting to it. In progress, but Miss Lulu collage painting is well on her way!

Thursday, February 11

Annnnnd we’re back to our regularly scheduled weather. Life in the Pacific Northwest. We dress in layers the way our sunshine and clouds and rain layer the skies. Also, these boots. John got them for me for Christmas. LOVE them. 

Loving how @cherylstonerart displayed my Surrender Your Fear
print. Wow! Thank you, Cheryl! I love it when you guys share photos of how you display my work. Be sure to tag me so I can see! ? 

Her spirit was as brave as the brightest star in the sky.

Let’s celebrate our brightness and bravery, my friends.

That’s it for this week! Check back here next week for another update, or join us over on Instagram for daily photos and thoughts!


Kelly Rae

Sending much love,

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