New angel paintings and life over here.

Jul 9, 2021 | Life in Progress


After what has felt like a little hiatus, I’ve been making a lot of new angels lately. I like to think of my angel paintings as little guided whispers to my heart, reminding me of what matters, what remains beautiful, what to pay sacred notice to. I love how they inspire me to tune in.

You can check out my latest pieces right over here in my art shoppe.

Meanwhile, it’s full blown summer here in our little mountain town. The tourists are here. The sun is out. And nature has been calling.


This is our third summer in Sisters, but it definitely feels like the first summer that we’ve had time to really explore and linger a bit on the trails. We’ve been exploring the lakes, going for swims, quick camping trips, and just generally enjoying the very reasons we moved here. Feels really good.


My little passion project, Marigold + True, is humming along with lots of visitors. We’re having a 1 year anniversary on Friday July 23rd. Everything in the store will be 20% off. Mark your calendars and come see us if you can! The sale will also be on everything in our online shop, too 🙂

I have learned SO MUCH being a shopkeeper, especially through a pandemic. I’m excited to celebrate our first year!

Sending much love from here,

Kelly Rae

Sending much love,

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    • Kelly Rae Roberts

      Thank you, Deborah!

    • Karlene Ryan

      You remain a mentor as an inspiring angel. I’ve been painting angels and watching them come forward since your Angel Wings classes. I’ve moved permanently to Carmel Ca and I am too in the sanctuary that allow s heart and soul silence and inner beauty of the sacred. I wish I could get you here to inspire. I sponsor creative and inspiring events called Joyful Gatherings at the Anam Nous in Carmel.

      • Kelly Rae Roberts

        THank you, Karlene! I love Carmel, though I haven’t been in years. Love that you create Joyful Gatherings, a balm of the soul for many I’m sure!


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