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Aug 14, 2011 | Entrepreneurship, Life in Progress

Things are looking mighty different around here! First we built a brand new online shop. Then we gave the entire website a major facelift. And finally, the last link in the chain: the blog is all newly designed to match the new and improved website.

Take a look around! You’ll find a couple of brand new features such as all the little flower links on the sidebar, the search feature (you guys have been asking for this!) so you can search by keywords (home paint colors! DIY projects! and more) and we’ve also added a feature so that you can now get blog posts sent to your email (love this!). You’ll still find links chronicling my journey into the creative life (such evidence of how we evolve!) and you’ll still find sponsors with all of their juicy + amazing offerings (totally love my sponsors!).

Some previous blog sidebar bits got moved, but don’t worry…if you are looking for the list of art supplies I can’t live without, we’ve moved them to the brand spakin’ new resource page where I share all my favorites supplies, creative books, and more.  Big thanks to LeahCreates for her web development talents and doing a fantastic job with all three of these big projects!

Found on street corner today
Found on the street in portland
Week one of my ecourse is over! Crazy, exciting, joy bubbling week. I am closing registration in just a couple of days so come and join us while you can! Here’s what a few of the new students are saying about their first week in class:
This course has been life changing for me. I walk through my day thinking, “can this be real? I’m taking myself and my art to a new level!!” I’m learning to confront my fears (slowly), and my husband and I have had many great conversations over what I’m learning. It’s the best thing I’ve done for myself in quite a while. Thank you for sharing what you have gone through so that we can learn as well!
Wow, I’m really amazed at all the content that we’ve been given and absorbed just in week one! I envisaged this would be huge, but my gosh, this is bigger than huge!! I’m still super enthused and excited, still totally eager for more, and still sitting up way too late at night!!! I just can’t leave this alone for a second.
It feels so invigorating to be inspired and alive again with such a creative buzz of energy, love it! Thankyou Kelly and thankyou to all of you that I’ve met along the way so far, I love the connectedness and community that this encourages, really beautiful and inspiring.
The biggest revelation I had is I am finally seeing myself as an Artist. To really think that about myself is life changing.
I am amazed by the support and sense of belonging that I feel aready with this amazing community! Thanks Kelly Rae for bringing us together!
What a week it has been! Kelly, I just have to say a huge THANK YOU for everything you have done this week, your e-course has exceeded my expectations. This course is exactly what I needed to give me that push to kick-start my creative journey to the next level. It has given me an almighty confidence boost!
I am so completely blown away by the amount of content that has been packed into this class in just one week!!! WOW, is all I can say.
Thank you Kelly Rae! It’s been an amazing week! I feel the waves of change already!!! Imagine week 5! Thank you!
Fearless, available here

I am so proud to be a small part of their transformation with this course. I really really am. The world needs more people with ignited spirits, people who believe in possibility, people who take action toward their dreams so that others in their lives can see and feel that it’s possible for them too. The impact we have when we do what calls us is not just evident in our own lives, but it ignites/impacts/inspires others to do the same. It’s like a revolution. Like a follow your dreams, change the world revolution. As my lovely and wise studio assistant Dani says, the energy of all of these women going out and living, breathing, reaching for their creative dreams really does have a worldly impact on all of us. I so believe that! 

Come be a part of it. 
Registration will close in about 48 hours

Sending much love,

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