new pixie do!

Aug 12, 2009 | Life in Progress

in the car right after chopping it off.

it’s so funny to me that something as simple as a new haircut paired with a new dress from boden has successfully pulled me out of my week long funk. but it has. and now, i’m just feeling sassy and upbeat.

i went to get a trim today but when i sat in the chair, i looked at my sweet hairdresser who i adore (and who has been cutting my hair since we moved to seattle) and said “you know, i think i need to cut off all of my hair. i’m feeling brave in this instant so please do it now before i change my mind. let’s go for a full-on pixie cut.” the minute she starting cutting, i felt instant joy and release, like i had just made a very good spontaneous decision. still, i wondered what john would think when he came home from work to find me with a short do (i’m still wondering…i haven’t told him yet but he’ll be home soon).


bathroom self portrait of the new do!

i am so glad i did it. feeling so much better, lighter, free. and the funniest thing happened when i was getting my hair cut: my hairdresser and i were chatting like we always do when she mentioned that she does hair+make-up for her older sister who is in a band. curious, i asked her who her older sister was. very calmly and in a rather nonchalant tone, she responds, “brandi carlile.” this is the part where i 100% geek out. right there. i tell her to put her scissors down so that i can properly squeal and scream. i go on and on about how much i love brandi’s music, how i know every single lyric of every single song, and on and on and on. i’ve had my hair cut many times but it’s never come up until today. i sat there all blushed and geeked out for the rest of the time. it was so cool. i haven’t felt that rush of celebrity crush in a really long time. truly, i love brandi carlile’s music. you have no idea.

so that’s my story of how i successfully worked my way through a week long funk. tears + rest + new pixie hair + new clothes + conversations + comfort + release and letting go.
i feel so much better now 🙂

Sending much love,

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