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Nov 5, 2013 | Entrepreneurship, Life in Progress

I don't know why I am doing these daily selfies but I sort of like the documenting of #thedailyoutfit. Today it's all about the red boots. #lovethem #oldgringos
I’ve been feeling really good lately. Our little family is in one of those restful periods where things seem to be running really smoothly. And business, though always running well ahead of me with a life of its own, is also in a steady and calm place. There is breath and rest and play and plans and inspiration and perspective. I’m soaking it in. Gratitude, big time. 
 “We cannot become what we need by remaining what we are.” – John C. Maxwell   
About a year ago I went on a mission to assemble a life team. I was tired of going it alone, and tired of managing the burdens of going it alone. There is a specific price we pay when we don’t reach out, when we don’t commune, when we don’t ask for help. I was getting weary of that price and made some radical steps to turn things around.  Turns out assembling a life team meant assembling a whole new life. 
First, I hired Lacy to help run all things KRR. Gosh, was that a good move. Then, John became a stay-at-home-papa. It was a bit scary at first to give up his good income, but it turned out to be the best move ever.
And then slowly a team of people came together in my life that I regularly rely on to help keep my spirit in good working order. 

A naturopath. An amazing therapist who I call my guide. A health coach and trainer. A beautiful cast of studio mates who I see on a weekly basis. A team of accountants, lawyers, bookkeeper. A massage therapist and energy healer. A web developer I can rely on. A group of neighbor mamas who meet regularly.  Even an inspiring copywriter. Oh yes, and my parents and preschool teachers are huge players too. 
I have no idea why I waited so long to create the support community my body, my spirit, and my work needed. I’m just really really glad I followed the call. I feel less alone. Less exhausted. Less burdened. 
I deeply believe no matter where we’re at on the path – whether we have a lot of extra money or not, whether we’re stay at home mamas or not, whether we work full time or part time – we can reach out for more support and create the village that we all need. As someone who has worn her independence as armor my entire life, this has been a huge lesson for me to receive. I suspect it always will be. But I’m learning…..
How about you? In what ways have you assembled your life team? How have they kept your spirit in good working order? Let’s celebrate our teams, because it really does take a village, no? 

Sending much love,

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  1. Vickie

    Help, your work on adjustable stands picture it called Embrace with flowers on frame what are they called ? Two of them how much are they please help love your art

  2. lacy

    @JulieCruz Thank you so very much! you just made my day!

  3. Julie Cruz

    Lacy is just a GEM! please tell her! Thanks for such great service;)

  4. Michele

    I wish I had a great team of girlfriends. I've been missing that for awhile now. There have been a lot of changes in my life, so it's understandable. That and I'm not in the right place in all areas…so I think it makes it harder to attract the right people. Work for example. I just feel like I don't belong. My heart is not there. I do have a wonderful husband and for that I am grateful. Our blended family brings joys as well as disappointments at times. I am doing the right things right now to "reinvent" myself, like making a room in our home my craft room, immersing myself in my love of creating, exploring the possibilities, taking action towards the direction I want to go. My husband is a great support, which is a huge blessing. I find a lot of support, wisdom, and inspiration from amazing and talented and compassionate women online, women like you KRR, and for that I'm grateful. It fits into my busy life, my time. I am introverted as well so it works for me. I pray. I believe the right people will show up. I see everything as a lesson to benefit from if you keep an open mind and heart. Always try to be positive and grateful. It's not always easy, but I keep trying. It's imperative to keep trying. Life is a journey after all. Thank you for being a real inspiration. I love the words you choose. I'm very happy for you to see your dreams fulfilled. I wish you continued success and happiness.

  5. Anonymous

    Retired teacher,current teacher aide
    I used to have a team, my fellow teachers, but now I am in a new arena and have lost those contacts. My sons have moved on. It's hard… but I find myself finally trying to figure out who I am. The only one who is always there is God. But I think old age (60) is making me hard of hearing because I can't always hear Him.

  6. Nat

    Thanks for the post Kelly – I am desperate for my team, body mind and soul are tired. In reponse to Alison – I just moved back to uk from thailand and started from scratch – so hard, but worth it in the end, the right people appear at the right times. XXXXX hugs

  7. Alison Koh

    My husband and I just moved to New Zealand about 8 months now and basically we have to start from zero. I am hoping we (husband and I) will find our team, community here that we can feel comfortable and safe.

  8. Shawn Petite

    My team consists of a group of women that I meet with every Tuesday… without fail… we are all different and but we take that time out of our day to get together and we talk.. and talk… we drill down to some core feelings… we talk about kids… work… hurts… love… is it such a safe place. I can't wait each week for my time with these beautiful souls. I am better because of this space that I have made for this sacred time of nourishment.


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