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Dec 2, 2009 | Life in Progress

“listening (to hope)” – original available here. matted prints available here.

i’ve turned some sort of new creativity corner. or maybe i’ve widened my circle. you know how once you do something you didn’t think you could do, the invisible perimeter around your spirit grows a bit larger? then, we push that new boundary even further when we do another thing we didn’t think we could do. and then our perimeter is expanded yet again. and then we keep going until we find ourselves pushing up against our own expansiveness. i love this part of creative + personal growth. with each new perimeter created, with each new boundary crossed, a new version of ability is created. i’ve said it so many times before, but this is how our creative lives are such parallels to our everyday lives. if i can push through my widest boundary/perimeter creatively, what else can i do? how can i translate that concept in my everyday life when i’m pushing up against my fears? my struggles?

we are born for these journeys. for the pushing up against ourselves, for the expanding. for the growth. i love these last two new paintings and how they’ve helped me create yet another new boundary for my creativity. i can’t wait to see what happens when i eventually push up against the perimeter of this new boundary and a new, wider perimeter is created. it’s how we discover our own limitlessness. and i love this part of being alive and inspired.

in other news, we’ve entered full-on holiday season madness over here (and i’m loving it). i’m heading to the post office frequently, shipping out shop orders to hopeful hearts.

i wanted to give you a quick shop update:

*2010 datebooks + calendars have sold out, but they you can still get them over on the Brush Dance website..
*my book, Taking Flight has sold out. i’ll have more in 2010 when it’s no longer on back order.
*i have just one more keepsake box left. totebags + journals are sold out (new designs coming in january!)
*i’ve got about 1-4 wall canvases left of each design
*plenty of magnetic bookmarks and necklaces!
*we are shipping 2-3 times a week at the moment and will continue to do so up until the week of christmas!
thank you guys. for those of you who follow me on twitter + facebook, thanks for participating in my first cyber/black monday sale yesterday! i’ll be offering more spontaneous sales for facebook and twitter followers in the coming weeks!
ps – please welcome newest featured sponsor, artist amy komar!

Sending much love,

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