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Jun 6, 2011 | Life in Progress

i had a really magical three days with my friends, andrea and jen. they were in town for the world domination summit (really great conference – more on that in another post).

there are two things that i will always carry with me from this weekend that i really wanted to share with you:


#1. you know how when you fall in love for the first time and you are so blissed out that you want everyone dear in your life to be feeling what you feel – that specific exhilarating experience of falling in love? now, many years post falling in love, i still have similar thoughts of wanting everyone i love to know/feel certain things: what it feels like to have a dream come true, what it’s like to do something you never thought you could do, and so on. there is so much juice in life. i want us all to experience it together.

this weekend, my friends andrea and jen gave the speech of their lives to 500 people. i was in the front row practically jumping out of my skin for them and for the people who were listening in the audience. i knew it was changing hearts, changing minds, changing the lives of everyone there. jen + andrea were so completely standing in their power and it inspired the rest of us to do the same. it was awesome.

the three of us

and then i had that feeling again from long ago when i was in love and wanting everyone else to experience it, too. but this time it, it was how i felt about these two friends. i wanted everyone to know their hearts, to know what they have to say, and how they can inspire. and so, when they brought the house down during their speech, complete with a standing ovation, i was honored to witness so many people seeing them the way i do: brave, radical in their truth, and so very very alive. loved it. i love love love witnessing my friends inside their powerful truths.

funny face

#2. the other thing that i’ll take from this weekend is this: i have ushered in so many life/motherhood triumphs these last many months (after a lot of work, adjusting, processing) and now that i’m in a space of really settling into this new life, i’m not sure i’ve ever been happier. there was something about spending the weekend with two of my soul sisters that left me feeling like my heart/life transformation has been really seen and witnessed and that the pure happiness i’ve been feeling has been declared, stamped into solid impression.

that’s what friendships do. they witness us at our very best, and they witness us at our most broken. either way, their seeing us is celebration + healing all at once. i wish all of you, every single heart out there, to be witnessed and to be a witness.

ps: can you tell i’ve discovered instagram? yes, yes i have.

Sending much love,

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