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Jan 24, 2022 | Life in Progress

Our culture values self-sufficiency. We are continually receiving messages to not depend on others, to be independent, to stay quiet. Many of us are taught that asking for what we need is burdensome, that we’re asking for too much.

A Sunday Meeting of The Hearts

Many years ago, our therapist suggested that my husband and I come together for 30 minutes, each and every Sunday, and simply ask one another, “How can I support you this week?”

It was awkward at first, but eventually, we were able to tell the other exactly what we needed: I’d love it if you could make dinner twice this week. It would mean a lot if you asked how my big meeting goes on Thursday. I’d really appreciate it if we could have a date night on Wednesday evening, or a back rub on Thursday. It would such a treat to sleep in on Saturday, can you be in charge of the kids?

Directly asking for what we needed from one another in a loving and supportive environment (vs in the heat of an argument) wasn’t easy at first, but these Sunday heart-to-heart conversations became a fantastic place in which to practice.

Before long, it nourished our relationship and our individual hearts in incredible ways.  All of these years later, we still have our Sunday meetings where we each share our weekly wish list of wants and needs. Highly recommended.

Wanna know one of the best parts? My friends and family know that they’ll never have to guess or try and anticipate what I might need or want because I’ll simply tell them. There is trust in that kind of dynamic, and boatloads of freedom. 

Kindness Changes Everything - Kelly Rae Roberts

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Considering what it is we might need, and then loving ourselves enough to ask for it so that we don’t continue to suffer alone is profound work. It’s brave and it’s loving. 

How you can grow your Ask For What You Need Muscles as a way to grow your Self-Compassion Muscles?

Perhaps it’s asking for specific support from your partner at home or at work.  Perhaps it’s asking for a specific appreciation from someone so that you feel seen and known. Perhaps it’s asking your family to celebrate your birthday in specific ways. Perhaps it’s setting up Sunday meetings with your family and allowing each family member to say how they can be supported that week.

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Either way, here’s to your self-kindness journey…..because, well, self-kindness changes everything.

BIG love, Kelly Rae

Thank you for the response to this newest offering! I am so very excited about it.

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Sending much love,

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  1. Kathy Fleming

    I loved this post and wanted to share it with my family but forgot to copy the link. Months and Months have gone by and I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to find it. I was thrilled when I typed “How can I support you this week?” (which is not the title of your post) and your site brought the post up right away. I have now shared it with my family so we can begin asking how we can support each other and get much better at saying what we need vs hoping someone will notice. Thank you for sharing your experiences and insights so we can grow too!

    • Kelly Rae Roberts

      Hi Kathy! I’m so glad the search worked for you!!

  2. Jessica

    This resonated with me so much today. Thank you for writing it. I will definitely try the Sunday meetings or practise sessions to ask for what I need and how we both can support each other.

    • Kelly Rae Roberts

      Thanks, Jessica! I hope they are a balm for your spirit!


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