a peaceful solitude and sabrina ward harrison

Oct 15, 2006 | Life in Progress

“a peaceful solitude”
7″ x 12.5″ x .75″
mixed media on wood
i am loving using autumn colors right now. it’s cool here in california. the sun is hidden, but the hot chocolate and soup are out and remain two of my favorite comforts.

john and i went to sabrina ward harrison’s open studio yesterday in san fran. i bought the original pictured below. my friend brooke first introduced me to sabrina’s work earlier this year and finding her work was like finding my inspiration to start painting – something about her work stirred something inside of me – an awakening, i suppose. i relate so much to what she creates and to what she writes. i love the messiness of her work, the intuitiveness of it. she was a pleasure to meet yesterday and gazing at her artwork, some of it quite huge, was a full-circle moment for me. so cool.

Sending much love,

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  1. Sabrina Ward Harrison

    I love stumbling upon this post Kelly ❤️ The comments mean so much as well . Full heart

    • Kelly Rae Roberts

      Sabrina!! Hope you’re doing well!!

  2. Goddess of Leonie

    oh my goddess, that’s so very very cool that you own one of her amazing artworks ~~~

    blessed be, wonder woman!

  3. Bohemian Girl

    i did a spilling workshop with sabrina a few years ago. i felt the same deep connection to her artwork as you expressed here, so to meet her in person was awe~inspiring.

    this is a beautiful piece you purchased and you my dear…have an equally cool style to your art.

    love to you.

    • Julie

      How does she layer her pages? Does she use digital layers?

  4. Swirly

    I just discovered you through Alexandra, and I’m so excited to peruse more of your beautiful work.

  5. Anonymous

    I know what you felt when you saw her work. The same thing happened to me last april when I stumbled upon her site. I had just gotten done with a book in march and was a little burnt out from art because of doing the day job and the book in any spare time I could get. I was talking to an art friend about how a month off was too much and my head was going to expode if I didn’t do something creative soon. I didn’t know what to work on and then Sabrina comes along and it was like, hey jim, just start scribbling, doodling and chucking color down and dumping thoughts and emotions on paper or whatever. It was very freeing. I also immediately went out and bought the book which has the art you bought in it. She has such a great design sense. Isn’t it cool how we artists can feed off each other’s energy?


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