He turned 44 over the weekend. One of the many things I love about John is his openness to celebrate all that is light and to get curious about the shadows as a way into growth. He’s been on a spiritual and personal development quest for many years now. At times it’s been painful, and exhausting. Yet he continues to show up, do the work, and stay committed to unlearning anything that doesn’t serve his highest self. I’ve witnessed him approach his edges with courage, gentleness and curiosity over and over again. The result? A happy, joyful, funny, empathetic, gentle, patient, understanding, engaged human, father, and husband.

He has been with me, too, through my edges with grounded compassion. He is a fierce rock and protector of his people. He always knows what to do when there is a crisis (his trauma nursing background prepared him well). His consistent and steady wellness path inspires mine. He is a killer plant-based chef for our family, athlete, the best stay-at-home-papa a family could ask for, and my #1 fan and cheerleader. I love how he adores his family.

I’ve known him since he was 24. And I can’t believe I get to know him forever. What a journey it’s been. I’m thankful for his triumphs and all the ways he’s mined his struggles for pure, radiant gold.

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