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quick note: i receive so many emails asking me to share the details on how to start a creative business. although i share all the specific how to’s in my ebook series, i’d like to share my general thoughts on how we can begin to step into the creative lives we’ve always imagined – whether you are interested in starting/expanding a creative biz or not. because it’s really about dreaming big and listening to our own unique callings, no matter what those dreams and callings may be.

so, over the course of this week , i will highlight a few excerpts from my ebooks – thoughts that i share in the opening chapters before getting too specific on the ins and outs of the how to’s. i hope you get inspired!

another one

I’d like to answer a few questions that often come my way on the topic of inspiration, passion, commitment, and goals:

Q: Kelly Rae, I would love to know more about how your husband felt about you taking on a part-time job rather than a full-time one when you moved to California. Many of us look to our families, spouses, children…for their support to help get our businesses going (or keep them running). Did your husband play a part in launching your business? Did you have a back up plan at all?

A: Really good question. And the answer is a hard one. As much as I love my husband and as much as he is my biggest fan, he was just as concerned as I was with my decision to get the part time job instead of the full-time. In fact, we had many conversations where he lovingly suggested I hold off on the creative biz and go ahead and get a full time job. It was all unknown territory for both of us. What if it didn’t work? What if I couldn’t sell enough of my work to fill in the gaps of what we needed, money wise? There were so many concerns.

This is the compromise we agreed on: nothing is permanent. If six months went by and we were dirt poor, I would get a full time job. That was enough time for me to take advantage of all that inspiration and motivation and get things moving. Since then, I’ve always loved the idea of nothing is permanent. It’s all about trial and error until you find the right fit. Nothing is permanent…there’s so much safety in that I think. I’m not suggesting you go out and quit your day jobs. Instead, build your biz slowly so that you can possibly transition out of full time work to part time work and so on…

Q: My family/spouse isn’t that supportive of my chasing my dreams. What should I do?

A: It’s true that we don’t all have families that get us, or who understand our creative nature and desire to grow a creative business. They think it’s a waste of time and energy and money. For those of you struggling with this family dynamic, I can’t encourage you enough to find people who WILL support you. Your spouse may truly not get this particular piece of you but perhaps there are other people in your life that can fill that void. I love my husband to pieces but he’ll never be that girlfriend who, just by being who she is, knows just what to say, what advice to give, etc., etc. On the flipside, I love my girlfriends but they’ll never be able to give me what my husband gives me. I do believe that our friends and family serve different roles and purposes in our lives. If your family/spouses aren’t able to serve the cheerleading/supportive role for you when it comes to growing your creative biz, then it’s imperative that you find others who will. Later on, I talk more in depth about ways to create community. We must, must, must create the experiences we need and for many of us, surrounding ourselves with supportive people in our lives is the key experience we most need to succeed, the one that is missing.

Q: My interests are so broad; I have a hard time focusing on one thing. Kelly, can you touch on that?

A: I really want to encourage you to run with the idea that keeps circling back to your heart. When you really peel away the layers, which idea speaks the loudest and is most true to your callings, your whispers, your inspiration. I’d follow THAT idea/inspiration – the one that keeps you up at night, the one that pesters you, the one whispering (maybe loudly) for you to pay it some attention.

ps: that’s the end of this week’s series on inspiration, passion, commitment, and goals. i hope you enjoyed it! xxo, kelly rae

Sending much love,

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