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Sep 8, 2007 | Entrepreneurship, Life in Progress

sometimes my world feels small and lacking perspective. at the same time everything feels significant and important. the contradictions are everywhere, often leaving me bewildered, amused, and questioning.

today, the questions are lingering in the air as i pack my bags for ohio. i leave tomorrow for the book photoshoot, for a week that i know will be spectacular once i get there, but today, in this moment, feels scary (nervous) as hell. who do i think i am? did they pick the right girl to write this book? am i creative enough? inspired enough? good enough? will anyone care?

the tears arrived this morning as i was pouring my tea…not a heaving spill, just a small one… but a significant few with the knowing that i’m about to embark on my own into a week and world of personal hopes and expectations. in between the questions exists a sure certainty of strength and significance. i know this is important. i feel a part of something huge and wonderful, but i also know that i’m just a part of a collective-ness and connected-ness. this knowing brings great comfort and allows for moments, in between my doubt and worry, of calm and confidence. i just want to do my best and for my best to be good enough to celebrate. it feels the same in life, doesn’t it? today, as i get ready for the week that has finally arrived after months and months of waiting, it all feels amplified.

so, i am off. coming with me are the questions, the hopes, the dreams, the expectations, the moments of clarity and release, the paints, the brushes, the messiness of creating. also coming is my brand new token of all things in me that are strong and superhero, made and blessed by my new friend.

thank you, world, for all of it.

Sending much love,

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  1. Steph

    The tears will make the joy even sweeter. You are a talented and deserving woman whom I’ve been glad to meet through blogging. Best wishes!

  2. tali

    Congratulations, chica! I’m so excited for you! You are so talented, and I’m sure this will be something very special. I was finally able to find the new issue of Cloth Paper Scissors and loved your article (I went to get it when you first announced it, but my B&N didn’t have the new copy yet). Best wishes to you!

  3. Alexandra S

    Are you nuts? Of COURSE you are going to blow them away and day by day it will all come together and before I know it I will be holding your book in my hands and maybe even trying out some of the exercises in the book and making an incredible mess!
    p.S. It was wonderful to see you the other night, my clam chowdered dear friend who is stuffed with good news and good gossip.

  4. Judy Wise

    This is your big moment. Drink it in. We are all cheering for you. Mmwwaahh!

  5. deirdre

    Yes, they absolutely picked the right girl to write the book. Yes! I finally got a copy of the magazine (and subscribed so I won’t have to wait or chase it down in the future) and settled in for a good read. I can barely wait for the book – you’ve got it sweetie. You are doing amazing things with your art and writing.

    Have a wonderful time on this trip.

  6. Jim Di Bartolo

    Have a great time Kelly! And ooh! We got the copy of the magazine and what a great article! So nice to see your art repro’d all nice and large-format too!

    Congrats on everything, be safe, and have a BLAST!

  7. magpie

    i read your recent article–you are an inspiration. Travel safely!

  8. L.B.

    I’m excited and nervous for you. But I know that this step is really special and I can’t wait for the book to reach my nightstand. Waiting patiently…



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