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Nov 21, 2006 | Life in Progress

i love that clare called me today to see if i actually went for my run. accountability is a serious motivator for me.

a wee conversation with a friend about shoes led me to think seriously about all my shoe phases throughout my life. when i was 9 yrs old my mom bought me a pair of yellow leather mary janes and i’ve been a fan of fun shoes ever since. in the 6th grade i was fascinated with Tretorn tennis shoes – the ones where you could change out the color of the graphic on the side of the shoe (they were velcro). then it was the flimsy china mary janes in 7th grade. then it was dr martens and fluvogs for a bit. then in was birkenstocks in college. and now, i’ve settled for danskos. i think it would be fascinating to have a photo essay about the shoes we’ve worn in our lives. they represent so much of our journey, our memories, our stages in our lives, our youth, our growth. i wish i had photos of all my favorite shoes from the time i was little to now. how cool would that me?

speaking of photos, i have officially finished uploading every single photo taken with our digital camera the last couple of years on my flickr site. it was a serious endeavor, but i’m so happy to have all our digital photos in one place that is easily viewable by others and that can easily be updated as time goes on. i am in love with flickr.

Sending much love,

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  1. Anonymous

    I have you to thank for my ONLY pair of dr. marten, mary jane style! And thank you for the advice, “Roxanna, every girl has to have at least one pair of red shoes.” Now, I own a couple!! Have you tried Haviana flip flops from Brazil?? Your feeties will love them… I think they have a website! I miss you.

  2. lisa s

    I love you and I love your vivid memories! No other person I know is as great as you at retelling their history! The flimsy Mary Janes…I loved them but my mom would never let me have them because “they will fall apart the minute you put them on!” Oh, the funny things we remember! My mom rarely ever said no, so I guess that stuck! (She was a fan of the “Yes, If” phylosophy. Yes you can play outside, if you finish your home work first.) Let’s have a phone date tonight! Do you have time?

  3. Bohemian Girl

    ohhh…i adore all the shoe links here. have you checked out El Natura Lista?

    off to check out your flickr photos!

    xoxo been loving your latest art pieces. talented gorgeous you.

  4. myumblog

    i LOVE KELLY!!!
    sorry i been M.I.A. i will call you soon…i promise.

  5. la vie en rose

    girl, i can NOT believe you got all those pics downloaded to flickr. how long did it take? i’m so behind on getting my loaded but it takes SO long. i know i’m looking at a couple of days doing nothing else but that and i just haven’t had that kind of time to spare.

  6. Anonymous

    this brought back the memory of all of us in the Thai restuarant lobby admiring one anothers shoes, remember?!

    I think I’ll go on the zappos site now and gaze at shoes….

  7. britt

    oh danskos. how wonderful for my feet. i have yellow suede ones – the clogs. they get so dirty but they are so comfortable. so cool!


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