renegade, ups + downs, and feeling proud

Jul 13, 2008 | Life in Progress

(totally in love with this new tote, made by the lovely eleen)

so much going on these past few days, but a highlight was going to the renegade craft fair in san fran yesterday with katrina. oh my. it was amazing – imagine a huge warehouse full of indie crafters, sellers, buyers, and the most amazing handmade goods around. katrina was right when she described it a huge store of etsy sellers and their art + craft. it took us the entire afternoon to make it through the entire fair. heaven.

what i loved most about the event was this: the community and talent. i felt so proud to not only be supporting these crafters but to also be a part of this extraordinary diy movement. i loved all the business savvy, the cuteness, the genuineness, the honesty of the handmade goods. totally blew me away and i loved the collective energy of it. how passionate people are to be creating and selling, but also how passionate we are to support it. makes my heart totally warm and mushy. i will definitely do it next year as a seller, for sure.

(pals mati and hugh’s booth at the show was totally crowded. i was lucky enough to walk away with this beauty from mati and a tshirt from hugh)

if money weren’t an issue, i would have walked away with armloads of adorable sock creatures, unique jewelry, original art, letterpress goods, silk screened fashions, and so, so much more. i did, however, walk away with a couple things i just couldn’t resist as you can see in my pics.

here is a small list of some of my favorite renegade crafters this year:
figs and ginger
hilary williams
michelle caplan
i’m smitten
sprout studio

in other news, i am up and down. excited about some things. and totally worried about others. in the mix are deadlines, creative urges, and feeling the enormity of life and how i really don’t have as much control as i think i might. inside all of the unknowns, i feel supported in my amazing and expanding collection of community. i really do. and i’m thankful for that. i’m also thankful for the companionship of my man and my dog. john completed his oral board exams last week – a ginormous task that had him studying like i’ve never seen anyone study before – for months our apt has looked like a medical library with books that are deep and wide and heavy. it’s a huge relief that it’s not only over, but that he feels good about his performance. i am incredibly proud of this man and all that he is creating for himself and for us. my heart is huge. and so is his.

Sending much love,

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  1. Jennifer DeDonato

    I wish I could have gone to the show. I would love to lose myself in at the show for a day.

  2. jeaniebeanie

    I found your site via I was at the Renegade Craft Fair too and totally wanted that exact big lug! It’s beautiful and so well made. I walked away since my funds were limited too and wanted to see what else was there. I figured that if it was still there after I made my first round down the aisles then it was meant to be mine. Of course it was snapped up by you by the time I came back to eleen’s booth.=) Glad it found a happy home. I can’t wait to have one of my own.


    Hi The market sounds fantastic, we have a similar market in Tasmania but the prices are overboard because of the tourists. Congrats on your hubbies study ambitions, you sound like a very supportive partner, everyone should be so lucky. Belinda

  4. Sacred Snatch

    Hello there,

    I found your blog by way of a magazine, but I have been a fan of your work for some time. :-).

    I am bummed that I missed the fair this year. Several friends of mine were vending this year. I look forward to reading all the blogs about the faire. (Including yours)



  5. Katrina

    my goodness i’m still spinning from the renegade adventures. i tried to post a blog about it this morning but realize i need to process it a bit more. so amazing and overwhelmingly inspiring! and congrats to john for his huge exam. kisses to you both. xoxo, k.

  6. Heather,

    that is one seriously cute pooch you have. thanks for the great shops to visit, since i am sadly nowhere near the cool happenings in ca. ~ though did get to go to the international folk art market in santa fe yesterday, so can’t feel too blue. xo

  7. Heather

    sounds like a wonderful show! And looks like you did get some very beautiful things to take home!

  8. Carolyn

    the show sounds like it was so wonderful… I’ve been reading about it on many blogs. Wouldn’t it be delirious just to run wild through it with $1000?!!!

    hugs to you and good wishes for your sweetie!

  9. Jamie

    I’ve admired your work for awhile and I must say you are one busy girl! Hang in there! I just ordered your book the other day and I’m so very, very excited for you. You are such an inspiration! Jamie V in MT

  10. julie king

    oh, when i read this post, i sooo want to be living on the west coast near san fran where i can attend this show and so many others!! thanks for letting me be a small part of this wonderful diy art movement via your blog!!


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