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Dec 17, 2007 | Life in Progress

can i share with you some bits and pieces of my life lately that are making me oh so happy? i spent several days cleaning, organizing, rearranging (i love moving things around), and framing artwork that’s been waiting for me to find it a home in our space. meanwhile, gifts and cards are arriving in the mail and it’s all just making me happy and cozy.

here are some moments and spaces of where i’ve been lately…

(a completely new space (separate from painting space) in the studio. i now have room for gifting, wrapping, matting, packaging, and more. i was so excited to get this together. i even bought a trashcan.)
(dj’s holiday card. how stunning is that? it was the best thing about going to the mailbox that day. thank you, dj!)
(i love walking through my front door and seeing this newly framed “there is nothing wrong with you” print by my friend mati rose. it’s hung above my sweet little birdie sculpture by stephanie lee)
(speaking of stephanie, i feel like the luckiest girl in oakland to be gifted with this sweet + thoughful and gorgeous necklace created with her warm spirit and gifted hands. you cannot imagine my delight and omg’s when i opened this package (i believe my exact words to her when i called were “holy crap, stephanie!”). what a talented and generous soul she is. and there is more…(!)…)
(the front side of an exquisite bracelet. i think i may have gasped when i opened this. stephanie, you are so freakishly inventive. wow. i’ve already worn it with my brown boots. perfect)
(the backside. love the detailing. you have no idea how happy this little bracelet makes me)
(i finally figured out a fun way to hang my bags…on old doorknobs that have been screwed into a piece of thick scrap wood. and the print is by kelly barton. i just framed it this weekend and i L.O.V.E. it. thank you, kelly!)
(misty painting above an old cabinet turned into a bookshelf. i finally framed this painting, too. it’s stunning. she is another talented soul.)
(anthony hansen heart above my sister’s clock creation (which is one of my all time favorite things i own) above old suitcases. man, i love old suitcases)
(so excited about these letterpress cards. i bought several bundles over on katrina’s etsy (they are a steal))

so there you have it. it’s been a joyful few days around here, complete with gifting, wrapping, holiday partying, cleaning, and even some frantic last minute stuff. but it’s all good.

Sending much love,

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  1. PixieDust

    So fun and exciting!!

    Wonderful Christmas magic, yes?


  2. Eileen W.

    Thank you for taking us all along with you on your organizing, cleaning and arranging fun!! Such beautiful pieces you have and have received from such talented friends- a visual delight!! Thanks again!!

  3. Giovanna Scott

    Thanks Kelly. Always visit and always leave with a smile on my face. Thanks for the little bits of everyday.

  4. Michelle

    You have so many wonderful treasures Kelly… no wonder you are feeling blessed! And… a corner to wrap and prepare your work?!?!??! Heaven on wheels!

  5. Ro Bruhn

    What a fabulous collection of goodies, maybe you could come to my place and make my room look like yours.

  6. Julie H

    What a delightful stroll that was. Stephanie’s jewellery is all so unique, and I love that she makes chunky feminine.

    All your little ‘places’ are so pretty and it was lovely to visit.

  7. * mY fRiEnDs cALL mE Rella *

    This was so fun…it was like walking alongside you from place to place while you spoke of each special morsel and how and why you loved it so. The warm and sunny yellow making us smile. I almost expected to hear the tea kettle beckoning us to sit and continue the chat over all the wonders of everyone’s artwork and sharing spirit.
    xo Rella

  8. Evidence of an Artistic Life

    Your home is as beautiful as your art!!! I enjoy your blog; it is like Christmas everyday, overflowing with wonderful eye candy!

    chris p

  9. Sherry

    It’s wonderful to get things organized, have things where you want them so you can see them all the time. You have some wonderful pieces from some very talented people!

  10. Sarah

    How wonderful to have such talented friends, to receive such kind gifts and to live in such an inspired space. Thank you for sharing.


  11. Sharon

    Everything looks so beautiful and organized. How do you do that? Enjoyed seeing all you favorite things.

  12. Lina

    Love the new wrapping gifting space! Hugs to you on this fine Monday morning!

  13. Christianne

    Oh my goodness — I am in love with the way you decorate your house! When I lived on my own, I was much better about making my little places quirky and imaginative and homey. Now that Kirk and I live in our own house, which is like a small cottage but bigger than anything I’ve had in my adult life, it’s not anywhere near what I would want it to be. You and John inspire me to make something beautiful out of unusual things. Hopefully I will get going on this in the new year!

    But in the meantime, I wanted to say that your photographs of your home filled me with light and breath and peace. So glad for your gladness this season!

  14. cherry girl

    Wow, what fabulous art pieces! Thanks for all the links to there blogs/etsy stores! I love the heart clock!

    This morning I recieved the print I ordered from your etsy store and just thought I’d say thank you – it’s beautiful!


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