taking a look back on my mondo beyondo dreams

Feb 15, 2011 | Life in Progress


hey friends,
as i get ready to venture off to chicago later this week for the oprah taping, i’ve been thinking about my mondo beyondo dreams – you know, the big guns, the dreams that you’re almost afraid to say outloud because they’re that precious, that outrageous, that meaningful. for me, i put these dreams out into the world as way to practice courage and to honor the truth that our wildest dreams really can come true if we give them a voice and if we give them energy to possibly manifest into real. you just never know. i am astonished by how many dreams from this 2009 mondo beyondo dream list came true last year!

speaking of that dream list, wouldn’t you know that oprah was mentioned twice in that list as follows:

* have one very heartfelt and meaningful conversation with oprah winfrey

* write more articles for more magazines (oprah!)

funny, huh? here i am, a year and a half later, not technically writing articles for the oprah mag (although that would seriously still be a mondo beyondo dream!) but i did write a piece about oprah and how kindness is taking me all the way to her show. i loved writing the story (posted on the kind over matter blog) of how i was gifted tickets to her show. i hope you’ll pop over and read it.

believe in possibility

and in the spirit of mondo beyondo, i’d like to add the following crazy but meaningful dreams to my previous mondo beyondo list:
* write a home decor book
* merge my love of home decor into my creative biz
* meet tara whitney and have her photograph our family
* go to europe for our 10 yr wedding anniversary later this year
* travel to faraway places with friends. just because.
* open up a retail space that would also house amazing and bright studio space
* continue to keep my heart open, follow my true north, and love bravely
* continue to sink into all the gifts of surrender that loving True and motherhood are bringing into my life

i hope you guys are out there dreaming big….i really truly do.

Sending much love,

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