Nov 25, 2009 | Life in Progress

photo session with denise at
(photo by denise andrade)

john and i went to see new moon last nite. it’s eons better than the first. the music was really good. at times it was funny in b-movie type ways. i love being in full theaters with fan frenzy. i just do. oh yes, and i’m team edward. john is team jacob which has made for some hilarious banter.

it’s the day before thanksgiving. today as i was thinking about all the things i’m thankful for, i started to get really specific. i’m, of course, thankful for my family, my health, my friends, my doggie, my art life – beyond measure. but i’m finding myself seriously thankful for things such as eye glasses which i would not be able to function/work without. the routine of having black tea (with milk) in the morning is another thankful. i’m thankful that target decided to sell adult onesies in the pajama department (all over the pink striped ones) because life should be full of such silliness. i’m thankful for the beauty of home spaces, of art appreciation, of really good ideas.
lately, i’m thankful for all the ways in which i can stretch my body to alleviate the aches. i’m thankful for sinus medicine. i’m thankful that i live in a country that has finger tip access to technology and drugstores that carry rows and rows of conveniences. lately, i’m amazed that we have such things on just about every corner.
i’m thankful that my heart deeply (and finally) wants children. i’m thankful for the opening that comes when i still feel insanely crazy in love with my husband. and for all the ways he gives me room to dream. i appreciate that he doesn’t mind all of my art supplies in the dining room, too.
back to specifics. i’m wildly thankful for zip lock bags, microwaves, electric toothbrushes, antique malls, storage containers, and the crazy efficientness of our postal system. i’m thankful for computer wizards who know how to do all things html and design. i’m also thankful for the sharing of resources, like when stephanie called me yesterday and told me exactly how to use garage band for creating podcasts on my mac.
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i’m thankful for when people don’t skip you in line. and when sister in laws tell you that your skirt is caught in your underwear (happened last week!). i’m thankful for human graciousness and the ability to forgive. and all the ways we are given choices to begin, to stop. to love. to unfold. to reach. to say yes or no. or i’m not ready. or i am ready. i’m so grateful for this vessel, this body, that carries my spirit in safety as i make my way into the world, as i forever find and reach for the best parts of myself. thank you, thank you.
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pps-i just learned a couple of days ago that Taking Flight is on backorder. the good news is that peeps are buying the book! the bad news is that i can’t get any more copies until 2010. i have less than 10 signed copies left in my shop right now. so if you were hoping to gift a signed copy to someone special, please get it now before they are gone. thank you!

Sending much love,

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