Thoughts on what the creative process looks like (crazy making!)

Mar 3, 2014 | Life in Progress

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(what creative explosion and strategy looks like in my studio)

I’ve been out in the wild west territories of Creative Inspiration and Get Er’ Done these last many weeks.  I’ve been in serious writing mode, creative mode, and quite frankly in the weeds getting my e-course love project launched.

Not gonna lie. This kind of creative work is intense, and it’s been a long long while since I’ve done it. First, inspiration hits. It feels like a tornado coming through, dismantling everything. Adrenalin kicks in. Your body, spirit, heart prepares for the onslaught of force and momentum. You try to grab a hold onto every piece of inspiration explosion as it spins and whirls through. You scribble down impossible ideas that come to you in the shower, in your dreams, in the car. You lose sleep. Your brain is LIT UP.

Then, when things settle a little bit from the storm, you try and distill it each piece that you were able to grab ahold of. You incubate it. You brainstorm it. You unravel it.

Working form home again today is another little nook. A beautifully messy nook. #headisdown #writingmyheartout #icandothis #alivelines
(One of my writing nooks in our home)

If you are lucky, it arrives: CLARITY. Clarity on how to best use the inspiration in service of your bigger mission. This feels like a bit of heaven.

Ahhhh, some peace. Everything changes. You have landed. You have survived the tornado. And all is well.

You rest for a good long while. You drink lots of water. You get over the acuity of Possibility Overdose.

It's a rare day when I have the house all to myself. Today I'm working in the dining room and loving every minute of these last few weeks here. I think we will take the chandelier with us when we move! Also, note the giant cup of tea, and giant papers. It
(another one of my writing spots these last many weeks)

And then, later, you slowly begin the tedious process of sifting through the debris, picking up all the bits and pieces that got strewn all over your life during the divine Creative Inspiration explosion. You organize them. You strategize. And you make a plan to birth it all.

Working from home today (#crunchtime) in this little nook. Man, I'm going to miss this place! Note the giant cup of caffeine next to my green smoothie. #silly
(another writing spot – I moved from nook to nook during this process!)

Then, you head into the land Get Er’ Done. You work alone. You strategize with your family. You work with a team. You binge write, create, work. You fight the clock, pouring your heart into something that feels impossibly big. This part of the journey feels lonely, isolating, exhausting, but there is the possibility promise, your family, your friends that hold the space and keep you going. Afterall, you made a deal with all those inspiration seeds when they whirled past in the Creative Inspiration tornado. You grabbed for them. You held onto them. And now you have to do your part in birthing them with gool ol’ fashioned hard work. Intense. But rewarding.

And then FINALLY you launch out into the world what you’ve been working on for many long weeks. To further the insanity of the entire process, your heart feels afraid, uncertain, nervous. It’s a very vulnerable thing to release your work out into the world. Mixed in with all of that, you feel relief, joy, accomplishment, and just so darn proud that you listened to the inspiration, survived the storm, and brought something important and meaningful to life.

It's a really big day around here. We made an offer on our dream/forever home and we are on pins and needles while we wait. Nerves are shot. #hopeful

My e-course love project started exactly one week ago. The response has been incredibly heart-warming, gratifying, validating. My heart is full. And I just feel so purpose-filled. Gonna soak that up.

And it also feels really good to come up for air and get back into normal, everyday, ordinary life.

(students are creating beautiful intentions before diving into painting exercises)

I knew this was much deeper and much more than a painting ecourse, and I was right. There is so much soul work happening, so much tending, and nourishing. I’m really proud of them for digging deep with me. The community is astonishingly supportive.

And, of course, the art that is being born from this class is also gorgeous!

If you’re on Instagram or Twitter, check out #hellosoulhellomantras to see what gorgeous work they’re creating. I’m like a proud mama bear. Truly!

I continue to be in love with these letters that my parents are making from reclaimed wood. My mom just listed several pairs in her etsy shop for those of you who may be interested. #shamelessplug #theyaregoingfast

Some kindness from this last week……

“So it has been over a week and I have to say this class gets more inspiring every time I dive in!I am seriously loving this.”

“The soul searching for my mantras was not only my FAVORITE part…it was so totally unexpected and so very amazing for me! I’m AMAZED at the healing, to say the very least!”

“Heart opening and oh so worth it.”

“I am feeling so liberated by this process, I have unearthed some truths I wasn’t fully aware of until I started writing….thank you Kelly Rae for taking us on this journey of self discovery.”

“Boom. Lightbulb moment. Thanks again Kelly Rae, I’m loving this so much.”

“There are no rules, total freedom!!!!! I feel so alive!!!!!!!!!!!Thank you!”

“If there is such a thing as ‘too much fun” then I am so guilty.”

“I’m getting validation, inspiration, new toys, and a gentle push to be MORE childlike, to let go of the “shoulds”, to have MORE fun. I seriously can’t stop laugh/weeping with gratitude.
Thank you thank you thank you for giving me not what I expected, but what I needed. This is SO. WONDERFULLY. FUN!!!!!”

“Kelly, I cannot thank you enough for this class. It is truly an uplifting & freeing experience.”

“I love this process. I never knew that working with paints could be so much fun. Looking forward to making many more.”

 “I feel like my eyes are more open and I think less before seizing opportunities. Making space for coffee dates, found out one of my fave authors was speaking in my city this week, and honoring the urge to swim. Its all connected to what we are learning. Mantras keep surfacing. Cultivating creative wholeness.”

“I debated whether or not to spend the money on it, but I’ve always loved your art, and found it was very well worth every penny!!!!!!!! It was so full of info, so many techniques, and so many positive pushes to just go for it!! Love, love, loved every minute, thank you, thank you, thank you!”

“Can’t stop smiling either because of the freedom you’ve given me!”

“Love loved every moment. I am going back to start all over. It’s like a favorite movie that you never want to end and watch over and over!”

“Thank you so much for this course and enabling me to work out some things that have been weighing me down for a long time. I had no idea when I signed up for this that it would help me in this way. The light is shining in and I am so grateful!”

“This class was amazing and having Lnyx [on air student] there was sheer GENIUS!!!!Seeing both of you doing side by side was double value, double fun – thank you.”

“I am feeling so grateful and so very honored to be part of this wonderful group of women! It is truly inspirational and heart-warming to read all of your words. Thank you Kelly for creating this safe place where so much can be expressed and shared. I know I will take Part I with me and will use it forever. Love it!”

“Doors and windows flew open for me, never knew how to express myself in such a deeply positive way.”

“This is going to be a life changing ride.. I can already feel it. Thank you.”

“I am so grateful that this course is giving me “permission” to sit and ponder what is important to me. With life always going 100mph, I don’t think I would have given myself the permission had I not signed up for this! Thank you, Kelly Rae, for this most important teaching moment for me.”

“I have a feeling this is the beginning of a new chapter in my life, and it feels like it’s going to be a good one.”

“I feel like I am reading a great book and can’t stop, yet I don’t want it to end! Thank you!”

“After these past lessons I am BURSTING with new words to inspire!!!!!”

“Thank you Kelly. This e-course is so much more than I thought it would be. Delightfully deep, thought provoking & healing.”

“This class is such a “find” and that is the word I am using in my mantras. I like that it means looking and searching which involves some effort but that it also denotes coming upon something unexpectedly.”

“Oh Kelly this has been more than I could of imagined !!! I can’t tell you how much I am enjoying this course ! Thankyou from the bottom of my heart.”

“Having fun unlearning everything I thought I knew.”

“Your prompts have made this heart and soul searching so much more real for me, more heartfelt for sure….thank you so very much. If you were right in front of me, I’d give you a big HUG.”

“I feel like the energy around me is sparkling in 3D!”

“Kelly Rae, you need to add therapist at the end of your titles. This is bliss.”

“I am in witness of some serious tearful joy over here! I can play!! I love this! I mean, I really love this!”

“I am in love with this class! Have learned so much about myself and about doing my art. I can’t wait to show my five grandchildren the video on painting canvases, they are going to love it. I will fit right in with their ages 3, two five year olds, 7 and 9. Thank you so much Kelly Rae!”

“I’m so full of passion to begin due to this part of the course. Thank you thank you thank you. My biggest fear was not being able to come up with my own meaningful and touching words. I’ve found my strength and I’m reaching for the stars!”

“I am so very excited about this process! To be able to move my mantra out of my head and onto paper and then canvas is such a welcome release.”

“It’s like Christmas is finally here and I don’t know what to open first. Thank you helping to unleash the creativity inside. WhooHoo!!”

“Kelly Rae certainly has a way of pushing us to find our quiet voice that is whispering to us! For the first time in years I have journaled nonstop!”

“I feel like I have a rainbow inside just trying to burst out of me!”

“Thank you so much. I didn’t know I had all of that inside me.”

“This art class has been way more then I could of ever of dreamed of so far,Thank you Kelly Rae !!”

For those of you who would still like to join in the adventure, you totally can. The class is entirely self-paced and you have access for six months. Come join us if it feels like something your heart wants to do!
Thanks, everyone!

And while I work from the kitchen island these two are packing up the house. #lifearoundhere #helloadventure
(John and my mom packing us up)
Next up: Did I tell you we’re moving this week? Yes, we’re moving THIS WEEK! Cannot wait to share the journey with you! 

Sending much love,

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