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Jul 19, 2008 | Life in Progress


hi friends. i’ve been overwhelmed in support and i can’t tell you how lifted up i feel by your comments, emails from my friends, phone calls by family, text messages, sweet voice mails, and conversations with soul sisters. one thing i’m learning in this journey is to simply stand still and accept the support – to really feel the force and power of it, the interconnectedness of it all. i am incredibly still with it. and moved by it all at once.

we learned that my brain mri was totally normal – turns out that i not only have a brain up in my noggin, but that it’s fully functioning and clear of concern 🙂 i can’t tell you what a relief this has been for us. and now, we continue with the investigation, including a couple more tests, and a second neurology opinion regarding the spine mri results from last week. in the meantime, i am feeling optimistic and really solid that i’m going to be ok – no matter what.

i’ve been keeping myself busy. from a day spent with my friend jen who is visiting for the blogher conference, to afternoons spent with mati and swirly (who is also in town), to studio hours (to fill orders), to a couple trips to the movies, to time spent with john and bella. we’ve made it through this particular week without devastating news and for this, i am seriously grateful and it makes me want to celebrate.

more soon…and thank you again – it means so much to know that i am being thought of, prayed for, remembered. as a couple of wise friends have reminded me, the only way through is through. and so i continue – to walk this crazy scary part of my life’s journey, toe-to-toe in support, straight through.

big, big hugs,
kelly rae

Sending much love,

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  1. Colorsonmymind

    Oh Love this photo is breathtaking and so powerful, as is the bravery you took writing about this.

    I have been away from blog land and am happy to be able to read the update right after the last post.

    I hope all continues to come clear and be good news-with a solution to the leg numbness being easy and breezy.

    Sending you love and light.


  2. Annie

    I’m so glad Kelly. What a relief. I was thinking of you yesterday because I thought I might see you at BlogHer. I was next to Andrea and she mentioned that you are going to share a studio. That’s so exciting!

    Hope to see you soon!

  3. Rekoj

    Wow + Yay + Hugs – I’ve been away this last week and stopped in to realize I’ve jumped in on the evening out of a rollercoaster ride. So glad the docs are moving you onto the lesser scary things.
    I’m in the midst of my own journey with scary doc things – haven’t even posted about it yet and wasn’t sure if I was until I knew more… now maybe perhaps I think I shall.
    I’ve had a similar story of a chronic issue of pain bouncing from western to eastern treatment and back again. Finally after my massage therapist threw her hands up in pity I went back to standard docs and demanded some answers. Which led to a discovery of a 10 year mis-diagnosis. Bummer to have lived for 10 years in on/off pain but at least now I’m onto a course of action which will finally be more livable.
    Sometimes you just gotta demand some answers cuz you never know what you’ve been unecessarily putting up with…
    I’m hoping your outcome is a happy one as well.

  4. Jeanne

    Kelly – hoorah! Will keep sending good energy your way for more good news.

  5. Lori Riley

    So glad to hear your positive spirit shine through in the tough times! I know you will make it through this and continue to inspire us all. I hope you and your family are well. To lift your spirits read Scaredy Squirrel by children’s book author and illustrator Melanie Watt. It will give you courage. 🙂


  6. mccabe

    hi kelly.

    i am just catching up on all this
    and i wanted you to know i am so happy
    all is okay.

    sending you a special prayer of gratitude and
    love today….

    mccabe x

  7. Deirdre

    I’m so glad to hear the MRI was clear. I’ll keep holding you in my thoughts and will light a candle today.

  8. Michelle Mcillmurray Photography

    Thank heavens, Thank God, Goddess and Universe and everyone else I can think of!

    I’m so pleased your news is good – so pleased you followed this up and you can learn through this experience and grow stronger as a result.

    So wonderful to hear that all was ok – I have been crossing fingers and toes all week.

  9. tangobaby

    Hi Kelly Rae,

    Now just having seen you for a short while today (and thank you for the delightful cards), I wanted to put the blog with the lovely face, and now to find this post!

    All I can say is that I’m so relieved and happy for you and your good news. I’ve just started reading your blog and your Small Steps timeline…my goodness, you will inspire me to be a Possibilitarian before I know it.

    I’m adding you to my blogroll asap.


  10. Daisys Little Cottage

    So happy for your good news regarding the MRI. What a wonderful blog you have. I must purchase your book.
    prayer & smiles

  11. Carolyn

    LOVE YOU KELLY! (yes, I’m SHOUTING it!)

  12. Anonymous

    Delighted at your good news. We’re toe-to-toe with you out here… Thinking of you, alexa

  13. Anonymous

    Hi Kelly
    Great news to hear that the MRI brain scan came back clear.
    Will be thinking of you ove rht ecoming weeks and tests.
    I am sure it wil all work out ok.
    Love Lorraine ox

  14. kayla

    great news…never give up on a gut feeling. glad to hear all is well. warm wishes!

  15. Eileen W.

    This is good news so far- know I am thinking of you as you forage forward in our medical system. Your strength in self- advocation is a lesson for us all. (((hugs)))

  16. lacy

    So happy to see the update! Keep em coming. Rooting for you still.
    With love,

  17. Jill

    Kelly~ I’m so happy that you are doing much better. I have been thinking about you and keeping you in my thoughts. You really are a wonderful women in so many ways.
    Take Care!!

  18. Kathy L

    wonderful news. The power of prayer is simply amazing. Your positive attitude will keep you on your healing path!


  19. justagirl

    I am so so so glad things up top are good, my thoughts are with you from little old new zealand for the other tests coming out ok too… although finding something wrong can be a good thing then those clever doctors can get onto fixing it, so I am hoping for good news however it comes…


  20. debbiev

    Feel each and every little miracle that comes your way…..(more hugs)

  21. ambrella

    all is right tonight
    bottomless well of good light
    abundance loves you

    baci saturday


    I am so glad to hear that you had good news on the MRI and will continue to pray that all remaining tests come with good news.

    you are very strong and have a totally positive attitude which is more than half the battle when you face something scary…

    hang in there and lean on those around you…they are all there for the asking.

  23. Serena

    Whoo Hoo! I’m so glad the MRI was clear, Kelly! Hopefully, they will work out what’s causing the problem with numbness in the legs.

  24. jacki janse van rensburg

    wow, you had a brain all along? now you have proof! just kidding – i’m so relieved to see the old, positive kelly back. and the one good thing about adversity is that it makes us realise how much support we really have, and how much love surrounds us.

  25. Joanna Rowan Mullane

    Kelly, that is wonderful news! My thoughts, and prayers are still with you and just keep smiling and all will be well. Take care! Joanna

  26. joanie

    Hi Kelly,
    Thanks for the update! I’m so glad that things are looking up! My prayers and thoughts are with you….hang in there!

  27. Moonfairy

    It`s so wonderful to hear that your MRI is okay 🙂
    Hope everything else is fine also. Warm and healing thoughts still heading your way 🙂

  28. Lina

    So glad to hear the MRI came back fine!! You are in my thoughts every day, sending you hugs too.

  29. Anonymous

    oh kelly, I only just got up to speed here and wow– I am so sorry not to have been there during the terrible not knowing but HUUUUUGE sigh of relief that I can just jump right in at the good news. something is wrong if you leg is chronically numb– so you are right to pursue finding out what the cause is and I trust it will be small and simple causing all this discomfort and that you find the answer soon!!!

    p.s. last night I met your buds Lisa Congdon and Lisa Solomon out here at Susan’s gallery— too cool.

    sending you LOADS of love and fingers crossed that the answers come swiftly and with good results!!

    bisous, bp

  30. Marilyn Rock

    Kelly; this is wonderful news of your MRI! Thank you for updating us; you are still in prayers and positive thoughts. Life is made up of moments, for sure, and we always have to be ready for those curves that come our way. Stay the path you are on, and things will be okay!

  31. Jilly, Idaho

    Kelly ~ Yeah for your brain being okay! It and your heart is what is going to lead you down the right path. These trials in life are what make us wiser and stronger and life oh so much sweeter. We can never know what the Universe has in store for us so we have to do the best we can with the best we’ve got.
    Hugs and energy to you, John, your mom and family.


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