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Jul 4, 2011 | Life in Progress

We sometimes lose our wings.
And rediscover them later.
We know that healing comes only when we allow our hearts to be broken open.
We say hello to ourselves, sometimes for the first time in years.
We unearth our own magic, our own worth.
We trust that gratitude is the only way to real joy.
love wide magnet
We love and live with deep and wide hearts.
dave k quote
We tell our stories, sometimes over and over until the agony lifts and the lessons and joys are found.
We find beauty in the small.
We collect treasures and build memories.
We capture life unfolding with our photos.
We make mistakes.
We forgive.
We make it meaningful.
We say goodbye, sometimes forever.
 We get silly.

We collect quotes, moments of kindness, stories of triumph.

We surround ourselves with beauty, always, in our homes, in our friendships, in our hearts.

We connect with people who give us permission to be big in our joy, big in our courage.

We are brave in our sadness, and brave in our love.

what does your heart say 6x6 canvas

We trust that our heart whispers mean something – that they are our guiding forces, a map to our most shiny selves.

We sit still and take it all in.
We pray, we ask, we manifest, we trust.

We are mothers to our families, our friends, our neighbors, and to anyone needing nurturing.
And we are daughters to anyone offering comfort.
We are here to learn how to love, and be loved.

We fall asleep exhausted, but grateful.

We are whole.
We are alive.
And we are enough.

(thank you for being a part of my world)
photo credits: Andrea Scher, Tracey Clark

Sending much love,

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