Why following our truth sometimes brings out the ugly cry. All good.

Mar 7, 2019 | Life in Progress

(Archival quality print available here)

We’ve been in our new town of Sisters, Oregon for a couple of days now. We’re staying in a little rental for the next 6 weeks until our house is done. My goodness, what a journey this has been!

I had a huge release of emotion yesterday after we dropped True off at his new school. I just allowed myself the gift of the ugly cry. All the feels, all the holding, all the anticipation, all the worry, well, it just came bubbling out. Like a big exhale, like a much needed release.

This move is reminding me that following our whispers isn’t always the easiest of soul work. It takes courage to tune in, and listen to all that is calling us. And then it takes more courage and work to make changes (sometimes small and sometimes BIG) toward the lives that are waiting for us and our families.

It feels like my family has been working for a looonnnnng time on this particular whisper. And we’re still following it, not yet complete in its calling. Sometimes, this journey feels exhausting. Sometimes exciting. Either way, I’m, digging deep into my optimism pockets and practicing Trust along the way.

I keep coming back to this quote that set me on my path to becoming an artist all of those years ago. Like an old trusted friend, it keeps showing up, reminding me that I’m Good.

That our most authentic, joyful selves live inside the potential and possibility of tuning in and then answering these calls.

That our whispers – however faint or loud – are megaphones from the essence of who we are, beckoning us toward the place that feels like true remembrance, a place where we are reunited with trueness of who we are and why we’re here.
It is not easy. But it is worthy work.


We’ve been talking a lot as a family about WHY we’re moving, what whispers sound like, why it’s important to tune in, how to discern which ones are worth following, and more. For True who is 8 and loooovvvees home and stability and routine, this journey has been a struggle.

Inspired by the original Take What You Need sign, we decided to make one, specific to our family and put it on the fridge. We figured it would be one way to make the transition as peaceful and supportive for all of us. We all came up with what the little tabs say, which are things like “snuggles”, “hugs”, “a favorite meal”, “understanding”, “a dance party”, “reassurance”, and more.
Many of the tabs have already been used. True has pulled the “snuggles” tab a couple of times, and the “dance party” tab, which was a favorite for creating some family FUN during what has felt like a time of intensity.

Meanwhile, our new home is coming along and we are getting used to the crazy amount of snow! I have never in my life lived in snow, so it’s fun and new and also brings a whole other dimension to transitions and learning curves! True LOVES it. He also LOVES his new school and I just keep reminding my mama heart that all is well and all will be well.

Ahhhhh, life is happening, friends. It. Is. Happening.

(Archival quality print available here)

As I make my way as a mama, a partner, a woman trying to show up as brave and true as I can, I keep reminding myself that I am enough. May you do the same. And may you trust your whispers and follow them all the way home.

Sending love!

Sending much love,

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  1. Michelle

    “what whispers sound like, why it’s important to tune in, how to discern which ones are worth following, and more”
    I’d love to hear more on each of these.


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