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Dec 22, 2007 | Life in Progress

this is the story of my week. perhaps my entire month (make that several months). it came unexpected, perfectly in place, in wholeness, and joy. i met a woman yesterday – she’s very ill (unexpectedly). she’s a single mom with 4 small children. has a loving family, but no cash. none. and, it’s christmas. while talking with her for a bit, i had this moment of clarity – “so, THIS must be why john and i decided to write letters this year instead of gifts. because you knew, dear universe, before i did, that this moment would come. and now, here i am getting all excited about buying toys and gift wrapping and buying cheesy ribbon bows that kids absolutely love to tear off of their christmas packages and put in their hair.” it was a perfect moment. within hours, john and i were off to target where we had the BEST time shopping in the toy department. i was so taken by john, how he chose the gifts with a child’s enthusiasm, but an adult’s thoughtfulness. there were deliberations in the game section, the pre-k section, the winter coat section. for a couple without kids, i think we did pretty well with our choices. and did i mention how much fun it was for us? the best part? delivering all the goods to her today. yesterday she had the blues, was shy about revealing the trueness of the situation with me, never asked for anything (i insisted). today, she was brighter, lighter, with a sincere warmth of gratitude and a big, very wide smile. her older sister came for the occasion, all dressed up in her best jeans. it melted my heart. the hugs. the smiles. the kids weren’t there yet – afterall, these were santa’s delivery for christmas day. something that really struck me was this – when i arrived with the gifts, her sister was gently brushing her hair, such a loving and nurturing expression that really stayed with me. this family has no material possessions to really speak of (they are used to low-income christmas’, but this was the worst), but there they were, two sisters, one taking care of the other, even tenderly brushing her hair for her in a time of exhaustion and weakness. the whole thing had me incredibly touched, beyond words. it was one of those experience where nothing else really matters…when the meaningful details of life become centered and in focus. i was able to witness deep love between two sisters, and 4 little kids are having a christmas this year. it brought me + john to our knees in joy. thank you, universe, for this day.

tomorrow, well tomorrow marks the beginning of a much needed 2 week vacation. i’ve been looking forward to this day for months and here i am, on the cusp of starting it. all the hard work these last several weeks. all the trips to the post office. all the very late nites. all the asking for help. and the moments of near tears, full-on tears, and even the anxiety of getting everything done. it’s all over. done. for now. i plan on totally indulging in this break. then, it’s back to work in 08. i’ve got some exciting things to announce in the coming weeks. i’m so freakin excited. but for now, it’s all about rest and time with my man and my friends + family (i’ll share photos along the way).

warmest of holidays to you…(and thank you for sharing how you are with me :)).

Sending much love,

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  1. Joy Logan

    Such a wonderful thing to do for another”the true meaning of the season”!

  2. dragonflydreamer

    You and your husband are such loving, beautiful souls. You are the angels I’ve read about and actually had the good fortune to meet a few times in my own life. I was very touched by the beauty of the way you chose to see this family’s situation. You gave them dignity and the understanding that their lack of financial resources doesn’t equal a lack of value as a person. I can tell you as someone who grew up very poor that you have done more than give them material gifts. You have given them hope. I love your art. I wish for you and your husband a wonderful new year filled with good health, love, friendship, and prosperity. Thank you for sharing this beautiful part of your holiday experience.

  3. eweigand

    That is the most dear thing you and your husband did for that woman and her family- it touched my heart. I am so sure they were thrilled- I am thrilled by your kindness! Happiest of Holidays to you! ((hugs))

  4. donnaj

    What a beautiful story-I’ll bet this is one Christmas that family will remember always.

  5. chest of drawers

    Thinking of that family too, and feeling extremely grateful for what I have. Enjoy your holiday – look forward to a wonderful 2008!

  6. selftaughtgirl

    This is really beautiful and warmed my heart. If you ever want to use as a way to funnel resources to some of your clients, please let me know. Perhaps this could be the start of an annual tradition in which we help to adopt families?


  7. anna maria

    You and John were that family’s blessing this Christmas, and they were yours. It will be a Christmas that you will always remember.
    Have a beautiful trip.

  8. ceanandjen

    This…this is the true meaning of Chritmas in it’s purest form. Those children will be filled with joy on Tuesday morning…and I believe that the two of you will feel it again then.

    Have a wonderful vacation and beautiful holiday. xoxoxo

  9. melissa

    What a great story. That really is what Christmas is about isn’t it. Have a very Merry Christmas!

  10. Anna

    This is a lovely story. You guys are so sweet to make their Christmas a brighter one. If only everyone in the world were as kind!

  11. katydiddy

    The true meaning of Christmas. Thanks for reminding all of us what this season is really all about.

  12. Anonymous

    Can I say I love you?!?!!!

    I’ve been a single mom for many years…. you and your husband are wonderful for doing this for her and her family.

    Thank you for sharing your story… and being an inspiration!!


  13. matirose

    what an inspiring deed & story my friend!

  14. Judy Wise

    Well done, Kelly Rae. You cannot spread happiness without getting it all over yourself too. The goddess of compassion is smiling.

  15. suz

    wow–what a beautiful expression of giving – in it’s purest and most selfless forms. thank you for sharing. 🙂 have a wonderful holiday. all the best to you for 2008. ciao!

  16. Anonymous

    You are one of the most beautiful people I have ever heard of…. I wish I could meet you! What lovely souls you and your husband have to do this. I love your work Kelly – you inspire me every day. I wish in 2008 I could be a little like you. Have a wonderful Christmas and holiday.
    With love Jenny in South Africa

  17. Christianne

    I loved this story, too, and the description of you and John in Target especially touched me. Said so much about your personalities and your care for others.

    Yay for you and your two-week vacation! Can’t wait to hear about all your exciting news for 08! Blessings on you . . .

  18. Marel Lecone

    Merry Christmas. I’m so glad that this opportunity came and you had a beautiful time with it. Nothing greater have I heard yet this season!

  19. liz elayne

    ah my friend, i am sending you both a big hug…
    how beautiful you two are…what a joy it is to be friends with you.
    thank you for sharing this story and changing the world a bit each day…

    much love,


    What a wonderful story….and you have filled Christ’s stocking to overflowing with your gesture of kindess….A very Merry Christmas to you and John.

  21. deirdre

    I got to see this kind of compassion and kindness when my sister was sick, too far away from home, and broke. I can tell you that your gifts to this family will reach farther past this Christmas than you can imagine. You and John started a ripple.

    Have a wonderful vacation. May your holidays be as full of love and blessings as your heart surely is. xoxo

  22. gem

    thank you for this heart-bright beauty, kelly. so moving. thank you for being such a sparkling, creative love & light vessel. bless you & yours this season, gem

  23. Lelainia N. Lloyd

    YES! THIS is being a luminary! Thanks for sharing your tithe to the universe. xo I don’t have to wish you a happy holiday-you’re already having one!

  24. Michelle

    Oh bless you and John so much… stories like this are just wonderful.

    I hope you all have a fantastic Christmas.


  25. holly

    What a beautiful story! Thank you for being such kind and generous souls, this is truly what Christmas and the spirit of giving is about. The blessings you’ve received are even greater than what you helped to give that family.

  26. Sharon

    Your story is beautiful. An example once again of my motto that “nothing ever happens before it is time”

  27. Denise


    thanks so much for sharing

  28. amy

    thank you for sharing this story. you and your husband are lovely, thoughtful souls. i hope you have a wonderful Christmas.


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